Jul 14

GN solid control is the first manufacturer of mud solid-control equipment in the country to pass the EU CE certification export standard qualification. The EU’s export certification standard is undoubtedly a high standard for internationalization. Through years of hard work and practice, GN solid control has been unanimously recognized and praised by European certification bodies, and won the continuous orders of European users. GN manufacturing is undoubtedly the first professional manufacturing of China’s drilling solid control equipment into the European market. Business. China’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry is generally lower than the manufacturing level of Europe and the United States, starting late, unable to master the core technology is a high threshold for many manufacturers, GN solid control is the first to go abroad to actively learn and innovate, after more than 10 years of efforts GN produced Equipment has been exported to more than 70 countries and regions around the world.

The GN SB Series Centrifugal pumps are used for transferring slurry or mud or water. They can be used as the feed pump for a desander or desilter, or used as a mixing pump for a Jet mud mixer. They can also be used as a trip pump or supercharging pump for the rig mud pump. All GN model centrifugal pumps use tungsten carbide mechanical seals and use bearings from first tier international suppliers. Spare parts are interchangeable with the commonly used international brand pumps which helps the customer to source spare parts easily. The open impeller design lowers axial thrust loads and make it easier for installation, repair and maintenance.


At present, GN has conducted research and research in the international market this year, and has innovated and developed a variety of mud processing equipment with world-class levels. Centrifugal sand pump is one of the core products with high standard and high performance.



GNSB series sand pumps are mainly used for mud and sewage transportation. They can be used as mud supply for solid-liquid separation equipment, including desanders, desilters, centrifuges, filter presses, filters, mixing funnels, etc. All GN sand pumps are mechanically sealed and the wear parts are made of wear-resistant alloy ductile iron. The base is integrally cast, and the GN sand pump has the advantages of high interchangeability and high universality. The material has high hardness and wear resistance and has a service life of more than 20% higher than that of ordinary sand pumps. All components and currents are 100% interchangeable with international major brand sand pumps.

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