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The GN solid-control oil-water separation unit is an important part of the GN oil-containing sludge waste treatment system. The main function is to separate the pre-soil sludge waste mixture, and the supernatant liquid discharged from the high-frequency drying sieve and the horizontal screw centrifuge for the secondary oil-water separation treatment. The treatment effect is obvious, and can meet the reuse requirements of oil and water alone recovery on site. GN Solid Control Oil Water Separation Unit is a high performance, coalescing design for removing free and dispersed oil droplets from oily wastewater.

  1. Structure and principle

The GN solid-control oil-water separation device divides the oil-water mixture into the oil-water separation water inlet zone and spreads the distribution. The mixture enters a coalescing packing medium in which a laminar flow and a sinusoidal flow are established and the oil invades the surface of the corrugated coalescing filler. As the fine oil droplets accumulate, they coalesce into larger oil droplets that rise upward through the coalescing corrugations until they reach the top of the coalescing filler where the oil droplets separate and rise to the surface of the water. At the same time, the solid encounters the coalescing filler and slides down the corrugations, falling into the V-shaped hopper under the corrugated coalescing filler.

Gravity separation is performed using the difference in density between oil and water. The oil is separated from the liquid at a rate explained by the Stokes sedimentation law. The formula predicts that at a certain distance, the oil droplets will rapidly rise or settle through the water depending on the density and size of the oil droplet size.

  1. Features 1) Can be used alone or in combination with other treatment processes (such as emulsification cracking, dissolved air flotation system and clarifier pretreatment). 2) Compact structure and small footprint. 3) The oil-water separator can be transported out of the next stage by gravity or by pump.

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