Aug 10

With the increasing requirements of domestic environmental protection, the petroleum industry has also put forward the call for clean production. The disposal requirements for the waste mud generated during the drilling of diamond oil and the completion fluid after completion are required to meet the national emission standards. Allowing for emissions, in the past two years, the mud-free system has begun to show great development. There are many mud-non-flooring processes and treatment solutions in the country. As the market continues to expand, the process is gradually unified. At the same time, the process and processing equipment of GN solid control has also been recognized by customers and sold to various markets.

GN Solid Control is a leading manufacturer of solid control and mud non-floor equipment in China. And relying on the overall system design of the equipment design, the products are sold and applied in more than 70 countries and regions. GN solid control products have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers with advanced technology, leading technology, stable operation effect and perfect after-sales service.

In view of the diversification of oilfield sites at home and abroad, limited by the layout of the well site, GN Solid Control has developed a modular, independent waste that adapts to various environments based on years of experience in the design and production of solid-state control equipment and mud-free system. Slurry Handling Unit System: This solution places the vertical cutting dryer, centrifuge and shaker screen on separate squats and lifting platforms. This kind of scheme can be applied to the working conditions with complicated geological conditions. The operator can randomly match different mud non-landing equipment according to the different conditions of the abandoned mud, and maximize the utilization of resources as much as possible.

The conventional mud non-floor system mainly consists of the following main equipment: drill chip dryer module, drying sieve module, centrifuge module, material conveying module, dosing flocculation module, curing module.

As more and more drilling is done, the mud will not become more and more solutions will become more and more important

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