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As a domestic manufacturer specializing in solid-liquid separation research, GN has become a well-known brand at home and abroad through more than ten years of efforts. In addition to mud separation in oil drilling and natural gas drilling, the solid control equipment we studied can also be applied to coalbed methane, mud-solid separation of non-excavation horizontal directional crossing, and different from oil-gas drilling solid-liquid separation, coal seam Mud solid-liquid separation of gas drilling and non-excavation directional drilling requires only the primary and secondary or tertiary filtration of the solid control system to meet the requirements.

Solid control equipment for coalbed methane and non-excavation fields, including vibrating screens, desanders, and desilters. Sometimes, in order to save space, the vibrating screen and the desilter, or the vibrating screen and the desander can be integrated. This forms a desander or desilter on the double vibrating screen and the vibrating screen. The bottom sieve is used as a conventional vibrating screen for primary filtration, and the upper sieve is mainly used to dry solid phase particles filtered by a desilter.

GN’s mud recovery systems for CBM and non-excavation mainly have the following characteristics:

  1. The mud recovery system classifies the following major categories of products that have formed the standard according to the throughput:


  • GNMS-200G processing capacity is 200GPM, 50m 3 /h
  • GNMS-350G processing capacity is 350GPM, 80m 3 /h
  • GNMS-500B/G/GL throughput is 500GPM, 120m 3 /h
  • GNMS-1000G processing capacity is 1000GPM, 240m 3 /h
  • GNMS-1000GL processing capacity 1000GPM, 240m 3 /h
  1. The tank mode of the system is: armored type, standard container type, hydraulic lifting type. To meet the needs of the customer site.
  2. Security protection. All electric control boxes are equipped with explosion-proof electric control box, which is more suitable for field work environment and ensure personal safety. All tanks are protected by foldable guardrails
  3. Technical support. The company provides comprehensive pre-sales technical guidance, installation, commissioning, after-sales maintenance and professional services.

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