The NOV  Brand  Rapid Mud Tank System is a two-tank unit with a total active capacity of 620 barrels (total capacity of 800 barrels). This usually used for oilfield petroleum drilling.GN Solids Control  also design and make  such Rapid Mud Tank Unit completed with all necessary Solids Control Equipments.

General Specs for the Rapid Mud Tank System.

Equipment type:Two-tank, Rapid Mud Tank System

GN Rapid Mud Tank System

GN Rapid Mud Tank System

Total tank system volume*

620 bbl (at 12 in below mud rim)

Pill (slug) tank volume73 bbl

Maximum mud weight“18 lb/gal

Process capacity (nominal)1000 gal/min

Degasser capacity (nominal)700 gal/min

Flowline 10 in manifold with cement and active bypass

Some benifits of the Rapid mud tank system:

  • Equipment removal is not required for transport
  • Allow for quick and easy mobilization and demobilization
  • Vertical, direct-driven centrifugal pumps
  • Minimizes the footprint required by the pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps and control manifold installed on a pump porch
  • Provides easy access for controlling processes
  • Each centrifugal pump is located in close proximity to a specific piece of equipment
  • Allows for shorter piping runs with less friction
  • Maximizes horsepower and hydraulic efficiency

For Rapid mud tank system in GN Solids Control,we can give clients different configurations to meet clients special requirement.

Some mud tank systems references list:

To get more info.,pls contact GN Solids Control or visit our website to look for more info.


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  1. Jason


    I’d like to have GN Solids Control some classic rapid mud tank system brochure,we have about 10 petroleum drilling rigs,some of our tank system need to update!

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