November 01 2008

We successfully complete producing Drilling rig 50 Solids Control System for China Yanchang Group .

In Nov.2008, we GN Solids control equipment bidded successfully for our absolute superior after serious competitive bidding of solids control system matched 50drilling machine for Yanchang Group. Now this solids control system has been finished completely and preparing for shipment

China Drilling rig 50 Solids Control System picture
 Drilling rig 50 solids control

drilling rig 50 solids control 2
We have established a mature market all around China.Our Northwest branch is located in the oilfield center city:Xi’an,China.
Now our solids control international market is also developing very fast.Welcome to get solids control service for your oil drilling from us.Or cooperate with GN solids control to market oilfield equipments in your own country.