October 31 2009

Another Petroleum drilling rig ZJ20 Drilling mud solids control system is ready for delivery to Indian.This Indian customer is an oil gas exploration company,they are a big company which has many drilling rigs.They have bought 3 petroleum drilling rig mud system from us this year.

Petroleum 20 rig mud equipments


zj20 mud system

This ZJ20 Petroleum drilling rig mud system including the following equipments(Normally there is vacuum degasser,but we design as customer requirements,and well conditions,no vacuum degasser for this system)
  • one drilling mud cleaner combination for desander,desilter,and shaker.
  • Mud guns
  • Shear pumps etc.

This ZJ20 Petroleum drilling rig mud system has 3 mud tanks,with shale shaker,mud cleaner mounted on the first mud tanks,and the high speed decanting centrifuge on the second mud tanks.