July 12 2009

We just exported a  Drilling fluids ZJ70 solids control system  to India.

In last CIPPE, there are so many potential importers on oilfield solids control system also quantities of suppliers. Both manufacturers and importers held good wish for bright cooperation. We GN Solids Control Equipments have obvious superiority for our excellent quality and economical cost.

 solids control system

It is a complete Solids control system

During the exhibition many potential buyers came to visit us declared their cooperation tendency. Such as India was interested in our solids control system, after our mutual long term negotiation on technique details, special conditions of their drilling environment, etc.We reached an agreement then we began designing and manufacturing the whole system for them. Our engineer calculated time and time to prove the system is best for their special drilling situation, and workers do their best to satisfy customer’s requirements on style, dimension, outlooking, etc.

Through all staff’s cooperative efforts, about one month, we finished the required article timely also qualified. Before loading the goods our client came to inspect the product and they felt rather satisfied for our good efficiency and excellent quality. They appreciated our conscientious efforts and attentive service, they wish we can cooperate in long term.

Through this deal we get more experience in manufacturing certain goods in different situation, we know there is still a long way to go, to fulfill ourselves, to cater for various of customers’ demand. We believe we can do better and better for we always keep moving, we focus on clients.