December 28 2009

Two mud tank systems for workover drilling rig are going to be delivered from GN Solids Control Factory to Indonesia. From this news 5 Solids Control System Order in 10 Days,you will see we are still building another 3 mud systems,actually,now GN still have another 5 drilling mud systems in production.

workover rig mud decanter centrifuge
mud shale shaker

After the 2 workover drilling rig mud tank system,we are going to deliver another 2 HDD mud system in few days.

Solids Control Equipments for each workover drilling  rig mud system:

  • Two linear motion ZS830×108-2 Shale Shaker 
  • One LWF450×842N decanter centrifuge
    workover rig mud system

    ZS830×108-2 Shale Shaker for workover mud tank system
    mud shale shaker

     One LWF450×842 decanter centrifuge for workover rig mud system
    workover rig mud decanter centrifuge
    Being honest and working fast to offer clients customized solutions for drilling rig mud system leads GN keeps getting orders from both new and old clients.Welcome to contact GN for your workover drilling rig mud system free design.