Many people use the decanter centrifuge for their dewatering system. For the oil and gas industry, GN could provide one model of 22” big bowl which could be used for the drilling fluids ultra fine solids particles separation which is also called the dewatering procedure.

Dewatering Centrifuge

Dewatering Centrifuge

GN 22” Big Bowl Centrifuge Basic Parameters as below:

The bowl is diameter 22 inch and length 71 inch with GN’s model number GNLW553.
The designed maximum speed for this bowl is 3000rpm, and the recommended working speed is 0 to 2500 rpm. Due to the large horse power of the motor, this model is designed variable frequency drive for stable start and smoothly operation.
The G force for this unit is maximum 2719 at 3000 rpm, and the popular working G force is up to 1888 which could remove the solids particles down to 5 microns, even finer.
The 400GPM treating capacity could meet large flow rate requirement and save cost for using several smaller capacity units.

The features of the GN 22” Big Bowl

The material of the 22” bowl is duplex stainless steel 2205 and the producing technology is centrifugal casting which could get a much better balance for the bowl.
Complete the screw propeller edge is protected by replaceable tungsten carbide tiles with the thickness of 4mm which is much better than 2mm tungsten spray welding. This guarantee the long life time of the screw, extend the non breakdown time and save customer’s maintenance cost.
All the liquid discharge port plates are adjustable; the operator could control the discharged solids dryness and liquid cleanness by adjusting the liquid port plates.
To avoid the dry solids gathering at the collection box and block the solids discharge port, GN’s decanter centrifuge has the solid blocking ring over the discharge port, when running the centrifuge, the solids discharged out from the bowl would get onto the blocking ring first, then drop off and delivered out of the collection box.
When feeding the slurry through a screw pump, the flocculation chemicals could also be fed at the same time, and then the ultra fine solids would produce the flocculate block which could be easier removed out by the centrifuge. GN’s 22” big bowl is a equivalent of Derrick DE7200 and Swaco CD600.