GN solids control is the first one China based API certified manufacturer for drilling fluids processing decanter centrifuge. To meet customers’ requirement from different industries for different purpose, by now, GN has released a relative complete series centrifuges which have been proved good performance on site.

GN high speed centrifuge

GN High Speed Centrifuge on Site

This article is to give a brief introduction on how to choose GN’s decanter centrifuge according to different purpose. GN now has models of GNLW363 fixed speed and VFD, GNLW452 fixed speed and GNLW453 VFD, GNLW553 VFD.

1. For barite recovery, GN always recommends the model of GNLW452 with RPM 1800, designed maximum RPM is 2200. This is the lowest RPM model GN hold. GN also has the model GNLW363 with RPM 2200.
2. For general drilling mud solids control, the model of GNLW452 is proposed for high gravity solids separation. The customer could also choose the model of GNLW 363 with RPM 2700. If the customer has a cuttings dryer in the system, then GN firmly propose latter model.
3. For solids separation application to the low solids content drilling mud or the low gravity solids. It always is difficult to separate the solids thoroughly, then a centrifuge with high centrifugal force would be need. High speed centrifuge always has large centrifugal force could perform well for this application. GN always recommends the model of GNLW363 with RPM 3200.
4. For some of the mud recycling system, the operators always choose 2-centrifuge system for solids separation. One middle speed and then one high speed. For this application, GN’s solution is 1 unit GNLW452 with speed of 1800 and 1 unit GNLW363 with RPM 2700 or 3200.
5. GN could also provide centrifuge unit with several belt pulleys for different speed, the customer could adjust the RPM by changing the belt pulley.
The best solution for all this different working condition is to get a VFD model with different RPM in same unit centrifuge. GN could provide VFD model for 14”, 18” and 22” bowl with different capacity.

The above mentioned large size decanter centrifuge are all used for oil gas industry. GN also has a model of GNLW223 with capacity 6 cubic meters which is a very popular model for core drilling. This model is both fixed speed and variable speed available.
Any questions, you may contact with GN or send Email to us for more information.