World top manufacturer for solids control and drilling waste management equipment, they get an urgent request to deliver one high G shale shaker with one sump tank to be used as drying shakers for OBM (Oil based mud) cuttings.

Below is the detailed request of customer:

1- Quotation for drying Shaker and related skid itself.

2-  Quotation for 15 bbls sump tank with 1 x 4”  Flange and 1 x 2” Flange connection; the customer also attached pictures of a drying Shaker with sump tank.

3-  Shaker Screen: 140 API Size and 120 API Size.

4-  Two years spare parts.

For the sump tank, GN Solids Control engineer cannot make sure the position of the flange and inlet or outlet just for customer attached pictures,  so we put forward questions to specify following for quick solution:
1)  Please you send us drawing of the sump tank in order to see connection of the drying shaker,inlet & outlet, size, flange connection?
2) Or pls send us more pictures from different views to show item 1 information.

high G drying shaker

high G drying shaker

The customer give answers very soon as below:

1) We intend to install a shaker on a tank that length and width of the sump tank is exactly same as drying shaker length and width basket and we want the height of the sump tank to be at range of 1 m.

2) We need two flanges by 2″ and 3″ size to be installed on width side close to the bottom the tank to be able to connect a Welden pump (air supply type) and suck collected oil for the sump tank that has been installed below the H-G Drying shaker into the active mud system.

And customer further request: for drying shaker, they usually don’t need the back buffer box.

Based on above information, GN Solids control engineer give proposal as below:

1) High G drying shaker model GNZS594HGE-LD, with hoper feeding on shaker top for drilling waste management system.

2) Sump tank with length and width is exactly the same as drying shaker length and width basket, and total height with skid is 800mm for usable capacity 15bbls

3) Further more, GN Solids recommend its screw conveyor to transfer cuttings from solids control shaker to the high G drying shaker. Customer is satisfied and give orders.