August 09 2018

Poorboy Degasser and Shale shaker for Egypt Oilfield

This week, GN finished the manufacturing of several units poorboy degassers and shale shakers that ordered by an Egypt client. Now the order has been packed well and waiting for delivery.

Manufactured per API and ISO standard, GN pooboy degasser could be used in underbalanced condition drilling to prevent a dramatic pressure surges. For safety consideration, the poorboy degasser is seen as indispensable equipment on oil gas drilling site, especially for deep drilling rig. The poorboy degasser is also named as mud gas separator. The poor boy degasser is always installed beside the mud system. In normal condition, the drilling mud coming out of the well will flow directly to the shale shaker unit for cuttings removing. In case gas layer was intruded by drilling tools, a blowout might happen. This is the time the poor boy degasser will be applied to relieve the high pressure of the gas- invade drilling fluids and separate the gas that might be flammable or hazardous. GN’s mud gas separator has a simple structure with fluid inlet at upper part of the vessel. Inside the vessel, several baffle plates are welded on the inner wall of the vessel. The drilling fluids coming from the inlet will impact on the baffle plates so as to release the gas in the fluids. Gas accumulates and then is vented out from outlet on top of the vessel. The treated mud will fall down and accumulate at the lower part of the vessel, and then discharged out to the shale shaker unit. At bottom of the vessel, there is a drain valve for cleaning of the poorboy degasser.

GN shale shaker has below features to provide excellent performance to client1. Simple structure with strong vibration deck for easy operation2. Composite frame screen for long working time and convenient replacement3. Patented embedded sealing technology to prevent fluids leakage4. Stainless steel screen support frame for better anti-corrosion performance

To get more information on GN solids control equipment, please go to GN website or make a call for assistance.

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