Besides of the drilling industry, the decanter centrifuge could also be used in some other industries such as the waste water treatment. The sources of the waste water may include dirty water in river or lake, civil sewage and the waste water from paper mill. For this kind waste water treating, some operator will also use the machine of filter press which is also an efficient machine to separate the solid from the water and get dry mud cakes.
Decanter centrifuge and filter press are different working principle on remove the fine solids from waste water. Filter press use the fine mesh, while the centrifuge by centrifugal force. However, purpose is the same just by adding the flocculation agent to make fine solids become large size blocks that can be easily separated. Filter press need more polymers when working, while decanter centrifuge use less, some material like even no need polymer if separated by using a decanter centrifuge. This will save the cost on polymer.


Centrifuge for waste water

Decanter centrifuge is a type of machine can work continuously without flushing, only before fully stop the machine, the operator need feed clean water to flush inside of the centrifuge bowl. If use the filter press, the operator need flush the filter mesh frequently, this is really a large consumption on water. With the advantage of easy operation, one operator can operate and monitor 2 or 3 unit centrifuges at the same time. While one belt filters press may need 2-3 operators at one time. Decanter centrifuge will save a lot on the labor cost.
From the structure, the decanter centrifuge is designed compact enough with a small footprint, while the belt filter press will need large space to put it. To some small workshop with limited area, a decanter centrifuge will be a better option.
GN now have 22 inch decanter centrifuge could be used in water treatment; it can be supplied with polymer dosing system. GN now is developing much bigger centrifuge with 30 inch bowl that could be used in some other industries.