Some oil refineries store the crude oil in cylinder tank and clean the tank regularly. The tanks are cleaned and the oil sludge would be taken out with solids in it. The sludge cannot be discharged directly to environment, as it has large content of valuable oil, moreover it will pollute the environment.
Can the solid and oil could be separated and recycled. Absolutely they can. The solids and oil are 2 types of material with different density, which makes the solids easily separated by the decanter centrifuge. GN has a sludge treatment system is especially for oily sludge separation. This system is consisting of 3 parts: storage, mixing and separation.


Oil Sludge Management

The whole system is mounted on one skid, at one end of the skid. A square tank is used to collect and store the oily sludge. Always this tank compartment will be equipped with an agitator to prevent the solid sedimentation. As the solids in the sludge are really fine that cannot be removed out by only use the decanter centrifuge. The flocculation agent is needed to gather the fine solids and become large size block. GN’s sludge treatment system has automatic dosing system for flocculation agent mixing. The configured mature chemicals will be fed into the tank, once blocks got, the sludge will be transferred via a pump to the decanter centrifuge for separation.
Solids discharged out of the centrifuge will be collected by the screw conveyor and delivered to some catching box waiting for further treatment. The liquid coming out from the centrifuge includes water and oil, as the oil tank is cleaning by using the high pressure flushing water. This water and oil mixture has to be further treated by an oil water separator or a 3 phase decanter centrifuge.
Decanter centrifuge is the key equipment in the oily sludge treatment system. GN has already enriched the centrifuge production line from 9 inch to 30 inch. The centrifuges could be respectively for mining slurry separation, oily waste treatment, and dewatering system even some other industry like civil waste water treatment.