There are many kinds of centrifugal pump for various material transfer in various field. The drilling mud centrifugal pump is also called as sand pump. Centrifugal pump is widely used for oil and gas drilling mud system,horizontal directional drilling (HDD) fluids transfer. GN Solids Control makes various sizes centrifugal pump to meet for various applications.

Impeller is an important part of centrifugal pump to transfer and convert energy. Through the impeller, the mechanical energy of the motor is transformed into pressure energy and kinetic energy. The impeller is composed of front and rear cover plates (impeller discs) and curved blades. According to whether there are front and rear impeller, it is divided into closed type, semi open type and open type impeller.

In general, the pump conveying sundries adopts open impeller. The tank injection pump and sand pump, as well as drilling mud pump adopts semi open impeller, while the slag pump adopts closed impeller. Through investigation, it is found that the most easily worn part of the semi open sand pump impeller is the origin of the blade. Due to the ball impeller out! High strength and uniform wear. At the same time, when the wear increases the gap between the suction end side cover plate and the front side, the performance of the pump is more stable.

GNSB Series centrifugal pumps are designed with the following characteristics. Below are some features of the GN Solids Control centrifugal pump design:

1. GN Solids Control centrifugal pump adapts composite mechanical seal. It means the mechanical seal is installed in the inner end of the sealing box, the auxiliary packing seal mounted in the outer end. The double sealing makes the sealing more reliable.

2. The impeller of GN Solids Control centrifugal pump adapts open vane structure.

The open vane structure impeller reduces the shaft load greatly, and it is running more smoothly and performs more efficiently.

3. GN Solids Control centrifugal pump is with Higher output and high efficiency. The impeller profile complying with the hydraulic principle, it can increase the output and efficiency.

4. GN Solids Control centrifugal pump adapts wear-resistant materials for the key parts to prolong the service life

5. More choice. GN Solids Control offers a variety of pump casing and impeller. It can meet different demands of different customers.