GN Solids Control makes various sizes of oil sludge separation system. GN Solids Control is capable to make and offer the full package separation solution on various types of oil sludge. Double deck shale shkaer, decanter centrifuge and disc centrifuge are the major separation equipment used in oil sludge separation system.

Many clients are not familiar with disc centrifuge. Below is a detailed introduction of the disc centrifuge.

Disc centrifuge is a kind of sedimentation centrifuge, which is used to separate difficult materials, such as suspension composed of viscous liquid and fine solid particles, or emulsion composed of liquid with similar density, etc. Disc centrifuge is one of the most widely used sedimentation centrifuges.

Disc centrifuge is mainly used for 2 applications:

1) Liquid – solid separation (i.e. separation of bottom concentration suspension), it is also called clarification operation; It can be used to treat waste water or waste slurry, and recover liquid from waste slurry.

2) Liquid – liquid separation (or liquid-liquid-solid) separation (i.e. separation of emulsion). It is called as separation operation. It is widely used in oil sludge treatment system. Disc centrifuge is equipped after 2-phase decanter centrifuge. After disc centrifuge, operators can get oil, water and soil. It is liquid – liquid – solids separation.

The disc separator is a kind of vertical centrifuge. The drum is installed on the upper end of the vertical shaft and rotates at high speed driven by the motor through the transmission device. There is a group of disc-shaped parts – discs which are nested and stacked with each other in the drum. There is a small gap between discs.

The suspension (or emulsion) is fed to the drum through the feed pipe located in the center of the drum. When the waste slurry or oil sludge (or emulsion) flows through the gap between the discs, solid particles (or droplets) settle on the discs under the action of a centrifuge to form a sediment (or liquid layer). The sediment slides along the surface of the disc and separates from the disc and accumulates at the position with the largest inner diameter of the drum.

The separated liquid is discharged from the outlet of the drum. The function of the disc is to shorten the settling distance of solid particles (or droplets) and expand the settling area of the drum. Due to the installation of the disc in the drum, the production capacity of the separator is greatly improved. The solid accumulated in the drum shall be removed manually after the separator is shut down, or discharged from the drum without shutdown through the slag discharge mechanism.