What mud cleaner is:

Mud cleaner, also called mud conditioner, were developed in the early 1970s to remove fine drilled solids from weighted mud without excessive loss of barite and fluid. It is also proved valuable tools in closed systems and other applications. Mud cleaner use a combination of desander and/or desilter hydrocyclones and very fine mesh vibrating screens (120-400 mesh) to remove fine drilled solids while returning valuable mud additives and liquids back to the active mud system.

 Hydrocyclone sizes of mud cleaner

are designed arbitrarily by the inside cone diameter at the inlet. By convention, desanders have a cone diameter of 6 inches and larger; desilters have internal diameters smaller than 6 inches.

Normally, discharges from the apex of mud cleaner cones are discarded when used on unweighted drilling fluids. Prolonged use of these cones on a weighted drilling fluid will result in a significant reduction in drillingfluid density caused by the discard of weighting material. When these cones are used as part of a mud cleaner configuration, the cone underflow is presented to a shaker screen. The shaker screen returns most of the barite and liquid to the drilling-fluid system, rejecting solids larger than the screen mesh. This is a common application of unbalanced hydrocyclones, since the cut point is determined by the shaker screen and not the cone.

GN ZJ series mud cleaner

chooses 10’’ desanser cone and 4’’ desilter cone as standard configuration. According to capacity requirements, mud condition and underflow shaker model, 10’’ desander cone option from 1~3, and desilter cone option from 8~16.

Here is an usual combination of desander cone and desilter cone :

1×10’’ cone with 8×4’’ cone;

2×10’’ cone with 12×4’’ cone;

3×10’’ cone with 16×4’’ cone;

Acrroding to detailed insite situation, desander / desilter cone number and be increased or reduced to enable a better performance.

World top 5 mud cleaner brand:

Top 1: Derrick

Top 2: Brandt

Top 3: Swaco

Top 4: GN Solids Control

Top 5: Kem-tron