Big capacity mud tanks on promotion now. The tanks from world top solids control and drilling waste management manufacturer- GN Solids Control.

Specifications of the tanks:

1) 7x400BBL Mud Tankfor one set

2) 3 sets total capacity=8400BBL

3) Dimension (LxWxH):1200x2900x2300mm

4) Including Shaker Tank, suction tank, storage tanks, mixing tanks completed with agitators, mud guns, and centrifugal pumps.

Option items: Shale Screens

With Coverage roof for Sun and Rain protection.

This is optional for buyers.

Equipments can mounted on the tank:

1) 3x Linear Motion Shale Shaker : Derrick FLC2000 or GNZS703Model

2) 1xVacuum Degasser: Derrick 1200 or GNCQ270

3) 1xMud Cleaner with 3x10inch desander and 16x4inch desilter, underflow linear motion shaker:Derrick FLC2000 or GNZJ703-3S16N

4) 2xDecanter Centrifuge: Derrick DE1000 Or GNLW363

The configuration for above is flexible,you can choose not ot have centrifuge or degasser or less shakers etc.

The tanks can be used for 1000hp or 1500hp drilling rig mud system. Some clients buy them as storage tank or water tank as the good price. Both good choice.



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  1. Mohamed Atef


    Dear Gents;

    Would you please Quote me the price per each piece of Storage tanks only? we would like to purchase 3 or 4 tanks separet. also Please Quote the price including shipping to any of Egypt’s ports.