GN mobile unit for drilling cuttings drying is designed and made by China top 1 manufacturer: GN Solids Control. They are the 1rst API certified solids control manufacturer in China. And they are the only 1 API certified manufacturer who can make both solids control and drilling waste management (DWM) machine.

Mobile unit for drilling cuttings drying
Mobile unit for drilling cuttings drying

GN brand mobile unit for drilling cuttings drying is comprised of advanced designed machine as below:

1) GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer , can reduce Oil of Cuttings (OOC) less than 5%.

2) GNLW363 VFD centrifuge, most fine solids smaller than 2~5 microns will be separated by the centrifuge.

And GN has big bowl big volume centrifuge GNLW553 for option

3) German brand NEMO pump feeding for the centrifuge

4) NOV interchangeable centrifugal discharge pump

5) Feeding screw conveyor for the vertical cuttings dryer

GNCD930 Vertical cuttings dryer
GNCD930 Vertical cuttings dryer

Why choose GN brand mobile drilling cuttings unit:

1) GNLW363VFD centrifuge matched the mobile unit treating drilling cuttings, it is with Intuitive color operator interface with PLC control panel. The panel have Graphic HMI to control and display centrifuge status, bowl RPM, conveyor differential RPM, conveyor and bowl torque loading, feed rate and alarm status.

2) Pressurized & cooling system type is Vortex tube. It is the latest advanced design. The vortex tube cooling system can reduce temp. max. 70℃. Namely, ambient temp. outsite the centrifuge control panel is 55 ℃, within the control panel, it can reduced to -15℃.

3) All separation machine mounted on a trailer skid for fast movement. It is only need to mount the screw conveyor or drilling cuttings transfer pump at jobsit to feeding for the vertical cuttings dryer.

4) Cost effective price and different jobsite reference.

GN drilling cuttings drying system are running well worldwide. GN mostly compete with U.S brand and win a very good market share as the good quality, reliable service and reasonable price.

As all these reasons, GN Brand Mobile Drill Cuttings Drying Unit is your best choice for your drilling rigs waste management system.

For any question on mud solids control or waste management system, contact GN now for a professional solution.