Decantering centrifuge with big bowl and big volume become more and more favored in drilling fluids recycling and waste management field.

GN Solids Control is China top 1 manufacturer for both solids control and waste management system. It makes big bowl and big volume centrifuge for waste management field. They are decantering centrifuge with high bowl rotating, and made from most advanced material with latest design. It is the perfect choice for drilling cuttings management.

GNLW553 big bowl centrifuge

GNLW553 big bowl centrifuge

GN big bowl big volume centrifuge model GNLW553 is euqal to Derrick DE-7200. It has many advantages:

1) Big bowl diameter: 22 inch

2) Big bowl length: 71 inch

3) Max. capacity: 500GPM

4) Max. bowl speed:3000rpm

5) Centrifuge material: Stainless steel 316

6) Separation point: 2~5 microns

7) Fixed speed and VFD for option

8) All bearing FAG and SKF original

GN can offer customized color and logo to meet different requirements of more user. If you have any question on centrifuge with big bowl and big volume, inquire GN now for professional solution.