GNLW363 decanter centrifuge is the perfect model for LGS and HGS separation. It can be used for difference application while running under suitale speed.

GNLW363 LGS and HGS decanter centrifuge parameters as below:

Bowl diameter: 360mm (14 inch)

Bowl length: 1270mm (50 inch)

Max capacity: 200GPM

Bowl speed: reach up to 3900 rpm

G force reach up to 3063.

While matched with PLC control panel, it can adjust low speed for HGS, or high speed for LGS.LGS and HGS centrifuge for sale

Why choose GN brand centrifuge for LGS and HGS:

1) Equal to Derrick DE-1000 and Swaco 518 centrifuge, but highly cost effective on price

2) Fixed speed and VFD centrifuge for option

3) Centrifuge material Stainless steel 316 L

4) Centrifuge screw protection: tungsten alloy tile, or coated with ceramics as optionMiddle East centrifuge for sale

Besides treatment of LGS and HGS, GNlw363 centrifuge are suitable for a wide range of pplications:

1) Matched with Dewatering unit for dewatering

2) Used with oil and gas drilling rig mud system for barite recovery, operating under lower speed

3) Used with oil and gas drilling rig mud system for fine solids separation, operating under lower speed

4) For waste management and working together with vertical cuttings dryer or high G shaker