GN Solids Control makes different sizes mobile Dewatering unit. It is full package dewatering decanter centrifuge unit, which is complete with its own mixing, dosing and monitoring system.

The Dewatering Unit can be containerized, self-contained with all required equipment and suitable for offshore and onshore rigs. The objective of Dewatering Unit shall be to reduce liquid waste volume in such locations.

The Dewatering Unit can provide chemically and /or mechanically enhanced treatment of wastewater based drilling fluids using flocculation and coagulation methods of separating solids up to colloidal size for disposal and recycling the fluid for preparing new drilling fluid volume.

The Dewatering unit shall have fluid processing capacity such that it is able to effectively and efficiently process waste 10 ppg waste water based drilling fluid containing minimum 10% (v/v) solid particles of particle sizes ranging from 200 microns to <1 micron. The mud handle capacity depends on the decanter centrifuge bowl size.

The waste drilling fluids will be bentonite based fluid or polymer based fluid containing all chemicals normally used in drilling fluids, including but not limited to, barite, bentonite, calcium carbonate, marble, xanthan gum polymer, drilling starch, modified starch, polyanionic cellulose, acrylamide polymers, polyamine, latex polymers, sulphonated asphalt, ester based lubricants, phosphate based lubricants, graphite, cellulose fibers, sodium chloride, sodium bromide, potassiumchloride, calcium chloride, calcium bromide, sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide, citric acid, defoamers, zinc carbonate, sodium sulphite, ammonium bisulphite, amine corrosion inhibitors, biocides, lime, etc. each in various concentrations as required by COMPANY’s drilling program.

The waste drilling fluid will also have formation-drilled solids predominantly from clay, shale, limestone and dolomite formations, formation oil traces, scale, etc…

The Dewatering unit includes all necessary pipes, hoses, tanks, vessels, valves, connectors, fittings, adapters, sampling points, flushing system, cooling system, electrical system, cables, protectors, control system and safety system (level, pressure, temperature, torque, emergency stop, system protection, etc.), spares, etc. The electrical system can be non-explosion proof for safety ares. It can also be Zone 1 which is suitable and safe for drilling rig’s zonal requirements.

The decantering decanter canl be fully operational on a continuous basis. The ambient temperature can up to + 55° C