Low pressure / high pressure mud gun is used for mud tanks usually together with mud agitator. It is used as an assistant of mud agitator.

Drilling mud agitator usually mounted in the middle of the tank compartment to agitating mud and prevent it from settle down. But at corners of mud tank, agitator impeller cannot effect. In this case mud gun used.

high pressure low pressure mud gun

high pressure low pressure mud gun

Drilling fluids mud gun is mounted at the corner of tank. It has high pressure and low pressure for option. Some for international customer, sometime we will prefer 5000psi high pressure mud gun. It request a high standard of the seamless steel pipe feeding for the mud gun.

China supplier usually offer 1.6Mpa, 3.2Mpa and 6.4Mpa low pressure and high pressure mud gun. Parameters as below:

GN Mud Gun Technical Parameters






Working Pressure

≤6.4 Mpa

Rotation Degree



Nozzle Qty


Gun Diameter

2 Inch

3 Inch

Connection Size





Applications of mud gun

Drilling fluids mud gun can be powered by centrifuge pump, mostly mixing pump, it is called low pressure mud gun. Dud gun in rig system can also be powered by mud gun with high pressure. Mostly, only high pressure or low pressure will be used in one system, but in some mud system, customer will prefer both high pressure and lower pressure.

Sizing and model selection of mud gun

The number of mud gun depends on the size of tank. Usually mud gun installed with mud line of mud tank. According the inlet pipe size, there are 2’ mud gun and 3’ mud gun for option. According to different structure feature, there are two types of mud gun: fixed mud gun , and rotary mud gun.

The mud gun in the mud system can also be used for transfer mud from compartment to compartment, like for trip tank compartment.GN Mud Guns are available for rotation adjustment to allow the operator to optimize the mud guns performance. The replaceable wear resistant jet nozzle is used, which is special design with better shearing.


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