Decanter centrifuge is a high efficient equipment used for solids control and drilling waste mangement. Many customer, they are wondering how to choose the suitable decanter centrifuge model for their applications. Some customer thought, the big speed, the higher. It is not correct. Some customer believe Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) high speed centrifuge can cover all the speed and G force, it is the best choice. Actually, it is not correct for all conditions.

Below some Question and Answers between customers and the decanter centrifuge manufacturer. It may help you for some understanding.
Q 1. We prefer GNLW363 VFD high speed decanter centrifuge, the highest international standard. The speed adjust from 0~3200rpm, but in case of no VFD we need it to work only with 1400rpm.

PLC smart control VFD centrifuge

PLC smart control VFD centrifuge

Answer from GN: GNLW363 centrifuge is mainly for high speed. We only recommend If you are mainly running at lower speed, we recommend GLW452. It is a 18inch decanter centrifuge, with bigger capacity, better price. GNLW452 is a middle speed centrifuge, normally 1800rpm, GN can mach VFD panel for 0~1400rpm per customers request.
For heavy mud, 452 centrifuges is the best choice to used with solids control equipment to reduce the weight. It is widely used for barite recovery (high gravity separation).
Q2: How can we get fixed speed control for VFD centrifuge?
Answer from GN: Normal, the only VFD control for VFD centrifuge, if customer need both VFD and fixed speed control, you can choose an extra Hydraulic Coupling & Fixed speed control panel. The Fixed speed control panel can be separatedly, or design together with the VFD panel, whichever you like.
Q3: How do services and change of parts happen during guaranty period and who is responsible for doing it after commissioning?
Answer from GN: GN company will send engineer for first time commissioning and training if request by customer. Customer can also send engineer to GN China base for training. For normal parts changing and some small questions after first time commissioning, GN will offer long-distance instruction. If your engineer cannot solve with long-distance instruction, GN can send engineer to jobsite for support.
Q4: We want a centrifuge mostly running around 3200 and 1400rpm, which decanter centrifuge model suitable?
Answer from GN: GNLW363 fixed speed is suitable. We can offer you 2 sets pulley with belt for 2 fix speed. You only need to change pulley and belt to get another speed.
Q5: Do we need to stop the centrifuge while changing pulley and belt for another fixed speed?
Answer from GN: Yes, indeed. You have to stop the centrifuge decanter and when it is stable, you remove the pulley and belt on the machine and change for another set.
Q6: How and there we can buy GN equipment and what about spare parts and after sales services?
Answer from GN: GN Solids Control, as an international group for solids control, waste management and replacement shaker screen manufacturing, we have R&D and manufacturing headquarter in Beijing China. We have warehouse and office in Houston, and you can also source support from GN other distributor in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Australia, Iran, Korea




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