MI Swaco decanter centrifuge mostly used in oil gas drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management services. GN Solids Control have the Branch in Houston, USA offers the similar drilling mud decanter centrifuge for the oil gas industry.

About MI Swaco Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge

M-I SWACO is a Schlumberger oilfield drilling mud service company, one of the largest oilfield service company in the world. provides high-speed, variable-speed, and fully variable-speed drilling mud decanter centrifuges designed specifically to process drilling fluids to the highest environmental standards. MI Swaco decanting centrifuges are designed to deliver high fluid recovery rates and efficient solids control. Together, that adds up to a significant reduction in the operator’s total fluids cost and less waste for disposal.

MI Swaco Decanter Centrifuge

GN Decanter Centrifuge

Swaco Decanter Centrifuge for Solids Control

MI Swaco Decanter centrifuges recover as much as 95 percent of the barite in weighted drilling fluids. The barite is returned to the active mud system, while the decanting centrifuge discards the finer, lower-gravity solids.
For drilling waste management of the  chemically enhanced dewatering systems, M-I SWACO decanting centrifuges reduce liquid discharge volumes significant while enhancing total solids control system efficiency.

GN Solids Control & MI Swaco Centrifuge Models:

  • MI Swaco Decanter Centrifuge VS GN Solids Centrifuge
  • MI Swaco 414  Small Decanter Centrifuge mainly for drilling fluids barite recovery which is similar to GNLW452 Decanter Cengtrifuge
  • MI Swaco 518 Premier high-speed decanting centrifuge is similar to GNLW363 Series High Speed decanter centrifuge for low gravity solids separation and drilling waste management dewatering.
  • MI Swaco CD-500 Centrifuge is similar size to GNLW453 decanter centrifuge for different applications in the oilfield drilling solids control and drilling waste management.
  • MI Swaco CD-600 Centrifuge is a big bowl big volume centrifuge like GNLW553 big bowl centrifuge which is popular in the oil industry.

GN Solids America is located in houston Texas offers drilling mud decanter centrifuge for oil industry.



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