A complete drilling mud recycling system always includes 2 parts, the mud recovery and cleaning system part, the other part is mud mixing system. Just as the name implies, the mud mixing system is functioned to mix the chemicals with the mud base and make it usable for the rig drilling.

GN Mud Mixing Unit

GN Mud Mixing Unit

How many pipeline channels needed for mud mixing

As we know, the processing of mud mixing is consisting of mud suction from every mud tank compartment in the system and again pumping the mud back. There we will know we need design 1 mud suction line and 1 mud mixing line. Both of these 2 pipelines would be laid to each compartment for mud storage. Under the centrifugal force of the mixing pump, the mud would be sucked to the mud mixer unit; here the mud chemicals would be added into the mud and get to the mud tank for fully mixing with the flow of mud through the mud mixing pipeline. In order to produce the sufficient pressure for driving the mud, the inlet of the pump is larger than outlet. Accordingly, the mud suction line diameter is bigger than the mixing pipeline.

What is the location of the mud mixing pipeline inside the tank

Due to different functions of the mud suction line and mixing line, the location of the 2 pipelines are different either. For the suction line, to make sure it would be maximally suck the mud inside the tank, it always is designed to locate at the bottom of the mud tank. Thus, even very low liquid level; the pump could suck the mud for mixing. The mud mixing pipeline is connecting with the centrifugal pump outlet with extended steel pipeline which would be located on upper part of inside tank. The mud gets out from the mixing pipeline with high pressure and when dropping down, it would also stirs the existing mud for mixing, here the mud agitator would definitely is the main equipment for mud agitating.

As per the request capacity of the mud storage, the quantities of the mud tank would be different; we need design the connection parts among these tanks for the mud suction and mixing line to make all the tanks a communicating vessels so that the pump could suck from and delivery to each mud tank.