A client need high speed polishing centrifuge for drilling waste management.And also inquired us for Barite Recovery decanting centrifuge.
-Fully hydraulic driven centrifuge, with a 14ā€ OD Contour Cylinder bowl x 57ā€ length. Capable to run at minimum

High Speed Polishing Centrifuge

High Speed Polishing Centrifuge

from 0to 3000 rpm without changing any pulley. Driven by explosion proof electric motor. Completed with a variable speed positive displacement supply pump, automatic safety shutdown if under excessive torque, scroll and bowl anti-plugging device, and emergency stop for safe operation
-G-Force at max speed : 2,100 Gā€™s
-Capable to process 120 GPM at 10.00 PPG fluid

GN High Speed Polishing Centrifuge can be rum from 0 to 3200 RPM.But our centrifuge is not hydraulic driven polishing centrifge.