Centrifuge is a kind of mechanical separation equipment that uses centrifugal force to separate the components in the mixture of liquid and solid particles, or liquid and liquid. The centrifuge is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid, or to separate two kinds of liquids in the emulsion with different densities and immiscible with each other (such as the 3 phase decanter centrifuge or disc centrifuge used in GN oil sludge treatment system, it is to separate oil and water from the oily slurry). Centrifuges can also be used to remove liquids from wet solids, like for waste water decantering treatment.

There is also centrifuge which can classify solid particles according to density or particle size by using the characteristics of different settling velocity of solid particles with different density or particle size in liquid. It is decanter centrifuge. Decanter centrifuge is the most popular centrifuge type for oil and gas drilling field. The most popular size is 14 inch bowl and 18 inch and 22 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge.

This week, GN Solids Control finished some high speed decanter centrifuge, the centrifuges will be used for low gravity drilling mud processing. GN Solids Control can also make middle speed centrifuge for high gravity mud processing. The higher speed of the centrifuge, the high requirement on the manufacturers capability. GN Solids Control makes high speed and big bowl decanter centrifuges from the small size 9 inch to the largest size 30 inch.

Besides making high speed centrifuge for low gravity solids (LGS) separation, and low speed centrifuge or high gravity separation (HGS), GN Solids Control is also capacity to make VFD centrifuge and FHD centrifuge, which with adjustable speed, can be used for both low gravity solids (LGS) separation and high gravity separation (HGS). And also the VFD and FHD centrifuge is widely used for drilling waste and other industry waste application.