During the construction of TBM and Pipe Jacking activities, the dirty slurry coming out from the hole will contain a large quantity of sand and stones. In order to protect environment and recycle the water, it is necessary to treat the dirty mud. GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer to design and make complete set of slurry separation plant. GN Solids Control can make various sizes slurry separation plant to suit for different job site situation.

This week, a set of GNTBM-240 TBM Slurry Separation Plant is ready. The unit is made for a South America client.
The handling capacity of the GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant is 240m3/h. The cut point of the separation plant is 20 microns. The GNTBM-240 TBM Slurry Separation Plant contains a shale shaker, desander separator, desilter mud cleaner, bottom drying shaker, feed pump and mud tank. The shale shaker is a double deck shale shaker with totally 5 screens. The desander cone contains Qty 1 × 20 inch hydra cyclones. It is combined with the coarse separation double deck shale shaker. The desilter cleaner contains Qty 12 × 4 inch hydra cyclones. It is mounted on a 2-panel shale shale shaker to use as a combo type shale shaker.

Feeding pump for GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant heavy duty slurry pump. Totally 2 slurry pumps are used in the separation plant to feed for desander cone and desilter cones. Clients can use another heavy duty slurry pump to feed for the whole GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant.

Total power of the GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant is 116Kw. GN Solids Control offers electrical control system to offer clients turn key solution.

The GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant is designed for easy transportation. Operation dimension of the system is L6058×W3081×H4316. Inland shipment of the GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant is L6058×W2438×H2591.