At the end of the Past August, GN Solids Control attended the Shanghai CIPPPE 2014 and shown there 1 unit GNLW363BG-VFD decanter Centrifuge. The visitors from oil industry paid much interest on this unit and awarded the unique design of the structure.
The model GNLW363BG is the second generation of GN decanter centrifuge. This unit is with the main drive motor and back drive motor located on the same side. Thus more space is saved to locate the fixed speed control box and for operator standing. The main motor is connected with rotation bowl directly, and the screw propeller inside the bowl is driven by the back motor through belt pulley. Comparing with GN first generation centrifuge, 1 set belt is saved.

2014.09.06 CIPPI 2014 Shanghai Oil Show

GN Decanter Centrifuge

GNLW363BG centrifuge has 2 models of fixed speed and variable frequency drive. For the common drilling fluids solids control, GN always propose to use the fixed speed model for barite recovery. The normal fixed speed of GNLW363BG is 3200 RPM, and it could be adjusted to 2600RPM by changing the belt pulley. GN could provide the belt pulley for both speeds. To change the belt pulley may take some time, and then a better way is to use the VFD model.

The GNLW363VFD is equipped with 1 unit positive pressurized design PLC control panel, which make the speed is ranging from zero to 3200RPM, the operator could adjust the speed as per the actual working and mud condition. The rotation bowl assembling unit is seen as the key part for the decanter centrifuge. Beside the material of SS2205 of the main body of the bowl, the screw is protected by bolting the tungsten carbide tiles. And to avoid the solid accumulation at the solid discharge port, the GNLW363 has the design of solids plow at the discharge port, which could effectively reduce the settlement of the solids. And at the big end of the bowl where the liquid is discharged out, the liquid discharging plates are adjustable to adjust the humidity of the discharging solid cuttings. The operator could also reduce the solids accumulation by increasing the humidity.

Now, the GN third generation decanter centrifuge is under fabrication processing, this generation would much better solve the problem for solids accumulation and extent the critical part life time. GN sincerely appreciate the support and trust coming from the customers.