“FAST MOVING” is becoming a more and more important factors for drilling system, especially for small and compact ones. Then rigs, mud pumps, and mud systems, all putted onto a trailer.

fast moving workover rigfast moving mud systemWhen we put our system in CIPPE 2011, we just put the mud system on the trailer, for fast moving, and keep it compact. Then the clients are very excited to say, wow, GN Solids Control is going to supply fast moving mud system.

Yes, we are! But we are designing and testing them, it needs some time to say “hello, world”. As people know, we insist our own design, and produce systems for our clients with high quality. Keep tune, you will get the exciting news.

Now we have produced 2 mud system, with hydraulic jet legs, for an Australian client.

While happy to see that, other clients are also very interested in this.

At the same time, a really fast moving mud system, which is mounted on a trailer, as we have known from other foreign mud system. And one customer are going to buy the first set.