Trip tank is part of whole drilling mud system, usually a small metal tank with small capacity about 20-40 bbls with 1 bbl divisions inside and it is used to monitor the well. The trip tank is utilized to determine well condition in order to see if the well is still under static condition.

trip tank by GN Solids Control

How the trip tank work?

While Tripping Out of Hole (TOH), a trip tank pump will circulate mud into a bell nipple in order to keep the hole full all the time and the over-flow mud will return back to the trip tank. Once every stand is pulled, the mud volume in the well will decrease because the drill pipe is pulled out of hole. Since the trip tank pump is always run while tripping, the annulus will be full all the time.

Trip tank manufacturer in China:

Beside is the ZJ70 drilling mud system, manufactured by GN Solids Control, the client is a famous Indian company, they repeat 3 orders for whole system.

GN Solids Control can supply the whole drilling mud system, trip tank included.

For the whole trip tank, it usually contains one mud agitator, one or two centrifugal pump, and GN Solids Control supply high quality products.