GN Solids Control makes full line drilling mud solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment. GN Solids Control is also capacity to make high quality replacement shaker screens. Besides makes replacement shaker screens for GN Solids Control own brand shale shaker and mud cleaner. GN Solids Control is also a famous screen manufacturer for various models and brands shale shaker.

GN Solids Control makes high quality composite frame pretension screen. The screen internal is supported with metal frame for reinforce. The screen external are covered by special material plastic which contains fiber glass for durable at high temperature. The external plastic is made from hot press by hot press machine. Compared with traditional metal frame, it is more environment friendly during manufacturing. And the quality is much more stable and under control. As the traditional metal frame frame cover plastic by dipping, which causes more pollution. And more man power involved during manufacturing. The quality is not stable at automatic machine production line.

Some clients may think composite frame shaker screen is an excellent screen on quality and performance, but they are not environmental friendly and a high carbon foot print for decades to come. They prefer the company to make the decision to revert back to metal frame screens to as a commitment to the environment and to reduce carbon foot print . They think Metal frame screen platform can be recycled for other manufacturing applications.

It is good question. When people talk about plastic, it may mean pollution. But this plastic which GN Solids Control use to make screens is PP (polypropylene). It is (C3H6)n only have C and H to produce CO2 and H2O if burning. This PP (polypropylene) plastic is relatively less environmental impact. And In many countries like in China, there are some companies who can do the recycling of the composite frames made by PP (polypropylene) and metal.