GN Solids Control has successfully completed the production of a Drilling Waste Management Packaged Equipment for a client in Europe. This equipment package is designed to meet the specific requirements and standards of the European market, with the entire package and electrical control system complying with EU standards. GN Solids Control holds CE certificates for its major separation equipment and ATEX certificates for its explosion-proof control panels, ensuring the safety and quality of the equipment.

The Drilling Waste Management Packaged Equipment includes various processing and transfer units to effectively manage drilling waste. The first module is the drilling cuttings collection and transfer unit, which features a large v-bottom hopper tank for collecting cuttings and waste material. A screw conveyor is installed under the v-bottom hopper tank to transport the drilling cuttings to the separation equipment.

The second module consists of a vertical cuttings dryer mounted on a telescopic skid. This unique design allows for easy movement of the skid, enabling flexibility in the operation. The recovered fluids from the vertical cuttings dryer can flow directly to the next stage of processing equipment, eliminating the need for a holding tank and transfer pump. The vertical cuttings dryer is primarily used for treating oil-based mud and cuttings, reducing the oil content in the cuttings to 3% to 5%.

For water-based mud and cuttings, a higher G drying shaker is utilized. This module includes a high G drying shaker package, specifically designed for efficient drying of water-based mud and cuttings. The shaker removes the remaining solids from the drilling waste, ensuring a cleaner and drier end product.

To facilitate the transfer and disposal of drilling waste, various screw conveyors are equipped in the package. These conveyors efficiently transport the drill cuttings and discharge the solids waste, streamlining the waste management process.

GN Solids Control’s Drilling Waste Management Packaged Equipment is a comprehensive solution for effectively managing drilling waste. The equipment is designed to meet the stringent standards of the European market, ensuring compliance and safety. With the completion of this project, GN Solids Control continues to demonstrate its expertise in providing reliable and efficient solutions for the oil and gas industry.