GN Solids Control make various sizes and standard shale shakers, High G drying shakers, as well as screening separators to suit for various type of industries and applications.

Different market have different features on the equipment selections. Recently, 3 sets of double deck shale shaker and a set of mud cleaner are ready for shipment. They will be shipped to an European client.
The double deck shale shaker for oil and gas drilling mud system is a 6-panel big area model. The upper deck is with 3 pieces screen, screen area is 2.0 sq meters. The bottom deck is with 3 pieces bigger size screens, screen area is 2.6 sq meters. The total screening area of the 6-panel double deck shale shaker can up to 4.6 sq meters.

Compared with normal type single deck shale shaker, the function and advantage of double deck shale shaker is that, the upper deck utilize coarse size shaker screens for pre-separation to remove the big particles, it can greatly improve the bottom deck screening performance and capacity. And plus, it can extend and improve the lifetime of replacement screens. And then the bottom deck utilize necessary fine API shaker screens based on the mud condition. As the upper deck already removed all the big particles, the fine screens on the bottom deck can service a longer time.

The screens of the double deck shale shaker are equipped with mechanical screen fast pressing device, it can easily and quickly remove the screens. It is durable and reliable.

With the advantage of big screening area, and high G linear motion force, GN Solids Control is widely used for big oil and gas drilling rigs, especially wide used on offshore rigs and platforms.

Besides the 6-panel shale shaker, GN Solids Control also have a 5-panel double deck shale shaker, which is mostly used together with desander cone assemble and / or desilter cone assembly to work as a combo-type shale shaker separator.