As Chinese new year holiday is coming in Feb. 2021. Only 1 month left. New Year is the most important big day for all Chinese people. It will cause at least 3 weeks delay on manufacturing schedule. Everything will be very slow during the whole Feb. Although it is deeper winter in China, the weather is frozen and cold. In order to not delay clients projects and delivery orders on time, all workers of GN Solids Control are working hard. Below are some of the orders will be delivered this week.

1) Mud recovery system GNMS-1000D and GNMS-500D. GNMS-1000D is a desanding plant C/W double deck shale shaker and 2×10inchdesander cleaner with capacity 1000GPM for piling and micro tunneling projects. The GNMS-500D is a desanding plant C/W double deck shale shaker and 1×10inch desander cleaner with capacity 500GPM for piling and micro tunneling projects. The layout of GNMS-1000D and GNMS-500D are very similar.

2) Mud dewatering centrifuge GNLW554E-VFD. It is a 18 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge mainly used for dewatering treatment and oil slurry. Clients can choose VFD control or FHD control for the centrifuge. It is normally used together with chemical dosing unit.

3) Slurry mixing and storage tank system with a separate Jet mud mixing device. It is a 3-tank mud mixing and storage system. The mixing is ready for shipment. The mixing unit is complete with a separate jet mud mixing unit. Each tank is equipped with 2 mud agitator. All mud tanks are connected for mud transfer between each other. Each mud tank is the same length and width 20ft ISO sea freight containers. And each corner of the tank are equipped with container locking device.

Clients can also choose 40ft container size mud tank. It is easy for inland shipment. For international sea freight, GN Solids Control will make a smaller size mud tank for loading into containers.