Searching for a centrifuge that can handle solid control processes, drill mud clarification, spent water based mud clarification, barite recovery, etc…? Want the centrifuge good price, top quality and very short leading time? It is better brand new? Here is a right chance for you.

World top manufacturer – GN Solids Control have a centrifuge model GNLW454G in stock for sale. As much as 30% discount available. Amazing? Attractive? Come on. Let’s check more details.

Decanter Centrifuge for sale, low price

Parameter of the for sale centrifuge:

Model: GNLW454G
Bowl Diameter: 450mm
Bowl Length: 1780mm
Beach Angle: 8°
Bowl Speed: 2500RPM
Max Capacity: 80 m3/h
Normal capacity: 60 m3/h
Separation Point: 2~5 microns
G-Force: 1573@2500RPM
Main Drive: 45Kw-4p (EXdⅡBT4, IP 65)
Back Drive: 11Kw-4p (EXdⅡBT4, IP 65)
Electric spec: 460V/60hz or 380V/50HZ
Main Body Material: SS316
Screw Protection: Tungsten alloy tile
Solids Discharge Port: High-Chromium Alloy Cr30

Main functions of the centrifuge

1) Handle solid control processes

2) Drill mud clarification

3) Spent water based mud clarification

4) Barite recovery, etc

Why so much big discount available? Brand new or used centrifuge?

It is exactly brand new centrifuge. With top material choosing, SS316L for centrifuge, SKF original bearing; SOG oil seal; EXdⅡBT4, IP 65 standard for control panel.

In order to focus on common size centrifuge GNLW363 and big bowl centrifuge GNLW553, shorten the leading time of the 2 most hot sale model, the manufacturing GN Solids Control decided to stop the medium model GNLW454, and good price for sale the storage.

The model has been stopped making. How customer get spare parts and after sales service?

It is absolutely no need worry about spare parts and after sales service. GN can offer spare parts at most 30 days after customer order. After sales service and guarantee exactly the same with other model.

There are many customer have interest on the for sale centrifuge, the chance should belongs to people come first. No hesitate, contact GN now.

GNLW454 is the medium size centrifuge. GN hot sale model is common size GNLW363, it is equivalent to Derrick DE-1000 and Swaco 518. For big bowl, GN can offer GNLW553. You can contact GN group or more information of GN Centrifuge.


750hp workover drilling rig also called ZJ30 drilling rig. The world top solids control manufacturer GN Solids Control have sent a complete 750hp workover rig mud cleaning system to a drilling company in Oman.

It is a complete mud cleaning system with all the 4 stage solids control and 5 stage treatment. A poor boy degasser (mud gas separator) also included in case of unexpected gas or well blowout) The mud cleaning system offered by GN can be used for both workover and drilling.

750hp workover rig mud cleaning system in Oman

750hp workover rig mud cleaning system in Oman

Equipment included in the 750hp workover rig mud cleaning system:

1) Shale shaker, 2 each, GNZS594 (with the same composite screen with Swaco Mongoose shaker)

2) Vacuum degasser: GNZCQ270

3) Desander, 1 each, GNZJ752-2S

4) Desilter, 1 each, GNZJ752-12N

5) Decanter centrifuge GNLW363G

6) There were four mud tanks that were divided into different compartment for trip tank, sand trap compartment, Centrifuge tank compartment and mixing tank compartment. Optimal design for the tank inner structure ensures the sufficient effective mud storage capacity and easy to layout the pipeline and electric wire cables.

And furthermore, the mud cleaning system also equiped 1 each poor boy degasser (mud gas separator) and 1 set jet mud mixer.

GNZS594 Shale shaker interchaneable with Swaco Mongoose

GNZS594 Shale shaker interchaneable with Swaco Mongoose

In this 750hp workover rig drilling mud cleaning system, we designed both mud mixing hopper system and polymer mud chemicals shearing system where the operators could adding chemicals to keep the mud specific gravity. The multiple mixing pump can circulate the active mud in all tank compartments from the Centrifuge compartment.

If you want more information of drilling mud cleaning system of the 750hp workover rig mud system in Oman, contact GN group freely.

There are mainly 3 types protection for solids separation centrifuge propeller screw. Many customer do not know the difference of them and wondering about how to choose the suitable one for its centrifuge. Below is the elaborate for the difference of the 3 screw protection design.

1) Tungsten carbide hard surface for screw protection: It is the most common type in China. Nearly all other companies make this type, besides GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. It is easy for process, and cost lower. But the height of the welded Tungsten carbide on the screw surface is very thin, only around 1mm. This type of centrifuge is cheaper, but not good at anti-friction and anti-abrasive. If the solids content high, after half year or 1 year, not more than 2-year time, the Tungsten carbide hard surface will be worn out and the centrifuge will lose balance. The users need to open the centrifuge bowl, welding again to maintenance it and make dynamic balance again. It requests the operator with a higher specialty, and more cost on maintenance.

Tungsten carbide hard surface for screw protection

Tungsten carbide hard surface for screw protection

2) Interchangeable ceramic tiles for screw protection: It is interchangeable small pieces, with exact same weight and dimension. It is strong. And mostly, it has a higher function on anti-abrasive under heavy Acid / Soda corrosion, even better than Tungsten Alloy Tile. Therefore it is mostly used for mining industry. Its cost higher than Tungsten carbide hard surface. The height of the each ceramic tile is reach to 4mm, much more anti-friction than Tungsten carbide hard surface.

Users only need to replace the worn out piece with new one, new need to make dynamic balance. Easy for maintenance.

Interchangeable ceramic tile for screw protection

Interchangeable ceramic tile for screw protection

3) Tungsten Alloy Tile for screw protection: It is the most perfect one and most anti-friction. It is interchangeable small pieces, completely made from each piece with exactly the same weight and dimension. It is the most expensive type, as the material is expensive and a higher request on machining Précising. The height of the each ceramic tile reaches to 4mm, much more anti-friction than Tungsten carbide hard surface, and even strong than ceramic tiles. It is mainly used for barite recovry, fine solids separation and drilling waste managment field.

Users only need to replace the worn out piece with new one, new need to make dynamic balance. Easy for maintenance.

tunsten alloy tile for screw protection

tunsten alloy tile for screw protection

As world famous manufacturer on solids control and waste management centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer, GN Solids Control offer centrifuges with ceramic tile or tungsten alloy tile. Tungsten carbide hard surface do not recommended. The users can choose ceramic tile or tungsten alloy tile according to its real condition and its budget.

There are different types of centrifuge with different speed for drilling fluids processing. For a more viable application on centrifuges for different kinds of treating of drilling fluids, many customers choose variable frequency drive (VFD) centrifuge decanter.

But always, they are wondering about how to choose the right speed for a certain application for the best performance. Actually, it is G force who effect the performance of separation. We choose the suitable speed for the right G force.

Below, we take example of a GNLW363VFD centrifuge. It is the equivalent model for Swaco 518 and Derrick DE-1000 centrifuge for drilling fluids processing.

Swaco 518 Equivalent Model Decanter Centrifuge

Swaco 518 Equivalent Model Decanter Centrifuge

There mainly 3 functions for drilling fluids processing:

1) Barite recovery: It usually uses middle speed centrifuge. It is the first separate with decanter centrifuge in the drilling fluids purification. Lower G force around 1000 usually required. Per difference of mud, users can adjust speed to change G force in small scope. For GNLW363VFD centrifuge, users can adjust speed around 2200rpm.  

2) High Gravity Solids (HGS) with lower speed: usually, around 1200G. With GNLW363VFD centrifuge, users adjust speed around 2500rpm

3) Low Gravity Solids (LGS) with high speed: G force around 2000G. Like fine solids separation, it needs higher speed.  With GNLW363VFD centrifuge, users adjust speed around 3200rpm

GNLW363VFD centrifuge is the hottest model from China top manufacturer for Solids Control and Drilling Waste management, Unlike Derrick and Swaco centrifuge, GN centrifuge design is also available for mechanical changing of centrifuge speed. For some professional customer with tighter budge, but like top quality, GN Solids Control company will offer 3 different types of pulley for 3 different speeds.

For more information on drilling fluids decanter centrifuge, you can contact with GN Group for solution.   


This is Sophia Zhao from “GN Solids Control“, from last October to now, GN has exported 10 sets complete Drilling Mud recycling system  to Australia.GNSolids Control is a China based Solids Control Equipment top manufacturer.Unlike your options from US,GN would be your Choice for “Top Quality,But Reasonable Price,and Assured Services”.

Self-Lifting Mud Recycling System

Self-Lifting Mud Recycling System

We are bringing a Self-Lifting GN500 GPM Mud Recycling System to “Brisbane No-Dig Exhibition 2011” ,If you are interested to visit us please reply to request more info.?

 1) API & ISO cerfified

 GN Is the 1rst API Certified Mud Solids Control Equipments Manufacturer in China

2) TOP Quality

   GN Only Focus On “Top Quality, Reasonable Price ,Assured Services”.Eg.,We use:SIEMENS Electrical, Italy Oli

   Vibrator,SKF Bearing Etc.)

3) Globle Market over than 40 countries

GN has been exported to over 40 countries including all 7 continents.

4) 1 stop for complete line equipment

   GN factory is 1 of the very few who make all equipments for a complete mud tank system Including:

   Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner ,Desander ,Desilter, Centrifuge, Agitator,Degasser,Mixing Hoppers, Flare Igniter,

   Various Tanks, Pumps, Shaker Screens ,Mud Gun.

Vortex Mud Hopper is the replacement hopper for Venturi hopper.Both mud hopper are used in mud mixing system for adding chemicals.Connect the hopper with centrifugal pump and mixing tank,it will consist to be a mud mixing system.

Traditional Venturi mud hopper

A mud-flow device, also called a jet hopper, in which materials are put into the circulating mud system. The mud hopper is powered



by a centrifugal pump that flows the mud at high velocity through a venturi nozzle (jet) below the conical-shaped hopper. Dry materials are added through the mud hopper to provide dispersion, rapid hydration and uniform mixing. Liquids are sometimes fed into the mud by a hose placed in the hopper.

Advantages of Vortex Mud Hopper

Compare with Venturi hopper  the Vortex hopper has following advantages

a) Effective mixing time in vortex hopper  is longer and the result is better.

b) Material feed caliber is bigger to prevent feeding jam and increase feeding rate.

c) Vortex hopper  is suitable for various materials and is widely used

d) Vortex mud hopper  has no limitation for the size of material particles and will not be jammed by solid deposit when left unused for long period

Vortex mud hopper  mixes solids  additives with drilling fluids evenly. It is suitable to the basic equipment in configuration of equipments for drilling fluids. Vortex mud hopper adopts rotational flow mixing technology, and can fill bentonite and barite, etc into drilling fluids quickly in order to be adapted to complicated drilling process. This product is of good mixing effect, quick filling of material, and with no-blockage.

The GN  Ditch Magnet is a junk retrieval tool designed to remove metal particles from drilling mud. The Ditch Magnet Removing metal particles from the drilling mud that the shale shaker will not get. This unit will capture all metals having magnetic attraction and hold them until they can be removed from the mud stream. The Magnet is particularly valuable during milling operations. Removal of mill cuttings and debris reduces wear of mud pumps and other equipment, as well as eliminating problems caused by the return downhole of harmful debris. They are equally effective during washover and fishing jobs.

Construction of GN Ditch Magnet

Ditch magnet consists of a main body and a fixed support which are all made of stainless steel. The main body is composed of two layers, both top and bottom surfaces of each layer can adsorb scrap iron. The main body is made of imported magnet with the highest absorbability, which feathers high absorbability, large adsorption area and long service life. The installation method is: hang the fixed supports at the two sides of the ditch magnet to the mud with four 800 mm stainless steel chains.

GN Ditch Magnet

GN Ditch Magnet

Models available for the Ditch Magnet

GN has standard models ditch magnet of 495mm length,860mm lenth.GN also provide customized Ditch Magnet to fit for customer’s applications.GN Drilling mud Ditch Magnet can be used for GN own made Shale Shaker,and Other brands like Derrick ,MI-Swaco,NOV Brandt,Other USA and China made shale shakers.

Specicifations for GN495  Ditch Magnet

⑴ External dimensions           200mm×200mm×495mm

⑵ Usage temperature            ≤145℃

⑶ Coercivity                   10.8 kOe

⑷ Intrinsic coercivity                  ≥21 kOe

⑸ Maximum magnetic energy product       268 kJ/m3

⑹ Weight                5.2kg

To learn more info.and get a quote from GN or the ditch magnet,pls contact GN Solids Control.

Other Brand Ditch Magnet

Bowen  Ditch Magnet Construction:

The Bowen  Ditch Magnet features simplicity, ruggedness and high power-to-weight ratio. The 36-inch long Magnet weighs only 90 pounds and will hold in suspension as much as half this weight of mill cuttings. The design is clean; eliminating trays, gates and other auxiliary equipment. The magnet is encased in stainless steel and has integral handles at each end for lifting.

Bowen  Ditch Magnet Operation:

No special instructions are required to operate the Bowen Ditch Magnet. It is most effective when suspended by soft line in the mud ditch. It may also be suspended by soft line in the shaker discharge. The unit should be cleaned several times per day, depending on milling rate. Just remove the Magnet and clean with fresh or salt water hose. Wipe all cuttings from the unit and return it to duty. The unit may be cleaned less often during other operations when return cuttings come slower.



As a yougn drilling mud system manufacturer in China,GN Solids Control started exporting business from 2008,just in 3 years,GN Solids has exported drilling mud systems and equipments to over 40 countries around the world.

Countries GN mud system been exported

GN has  established  agency in over 10 countries around the world  and  exported  to more than 40 overseas countries : Australia , Brazil, Canada , India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan , Kuwait, Korea, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco,Nigeria , Poland, Russia, Singapore ,Thailand, Turkey ,UAE, Ukraine, USA etc. Many repeated mud systems customers proved our reliable service.

Why GN mud system can be exported to over 40 countries?

1)Top Quality:Standard manufacture for mud system,GN is an API & ISO certified company,assures you top quality.

2)Customized Solutions:With GN experienced engineer team, GN design and make both multi-tanks mud system and single tank smart unit  according to clients requirements . Instead of a collection of equipments from various sources, the GN drilling mud system  are field-proven solids-control components specifically designed to function as a single unit.

The NOV  Brand  Rapid Mud Tank System is a two-tank unit with a total active capacity of 620 barrels (total capacity of 800 barrels). This usually used for oilfield petroleum drilling.GN Solids Control  also design and make  such Rapid Mud Tank Unit completed with all necessary Solids Control Equipments.

General Specs for the Rapid Mud Tank System.

Equipment type:Two-tank, Rapid Mud Tank System

GN Rapid Mud Tank System

GN Rapid Mud Tank System

Total tank system volume*

620 bbl (at 12 in below mud rim)

Pill (slug) tank volume73 bbl

Maximum mud weight“18 lb/gal

Process capacity (nominal)1000 gal/min

Degasser capacity (nominal)700 gal/min

Flowline 10 in manifold with cement and active bypass

Some benifits of the Rapid mud tank system:

As one of the few API and ISO certified manufacturer,GN Solids Control design various drilling mud weighting equipment and system for Petroleum drilling,Micro-Tunneling,Horizontal direction Drilling,downhole drilling etc.

To know why people need to weight the drilling mud as operation goes,firstly,we need to know

Composition of drilling mud

Water-based drilling mud most commonly consists of bentonite clay (gel) with additives such as barium sulfate (barite), calcium

Drilling mud weighting system

Drilling mud weighting system

carbonate (chalk) or hematite. Various thickeners are used to influence the viscosity of the fluid, e.g. xanthan gum, guar gum, glycol, carboxymethylcellulose, polyanionic cellulose (PAC), or starch. In turn, deflocculants are used to reduce viscosity of clay-based muds; anionic polyelectrolytes (e.g. acrylates, polyphosphates, lignosulfonates (Lig) or tannic acid derivates such as Quebracho) are frequently used. Red mud was the name for a Quebracho-based mixture, named after the color of the red tannic acid salts; it was commonly used in 1940s to 1950s, then was made obsolete when lignosulfonates became available. Other components are added to provide various specific functional characteristics as listed above.

While operation goes,some material as composed of the drilling mud above may lose.To keep the balance of the drilling mud,drillers need to weight the drilling mud by adding chemicals into the mud.Usually,a complete drilling mud weighting system is consist of following equipment or accessories.