Searching for a centrifuge that can handle solid control processes, drill mud clarification, spent water based mud clarification, barite recovery, etc…? Want the centrifuge good price, top quality and very short leading time? It is better brand new? Here is a right chance for you.

World top manufacturer – GN Solids Control have a centrifuge model GNLW454G in stock for sale. As much as 30% discount available. Amazing? Attractive? Come on. Let’s check more details.

Decanter Centrifuge for sale, low price

Parameter of the for sale centrifuge:

Model: GNLW454G
Bowl Diameter: 450mm
Bowl Length: 1780mm
Beach Angle: 8°
Bowl Speed: 2500RPM
Max Capacity: 80 m3/h
Normal capacity: 60 m3/h
Separation Point: 2~5 microns
G-Force: 1573@2500RPM
Main Drive: 45Kw-4p (EXdⅡBT4, IP 65)
Back Drive: 11Kw-4p (EXdⅡBT4, IP 65)
Electric spec: 460V/60hz or 380V/50HZ
Main Body Material: SS316
Screw Protection: Tungsten alloy tile
Solids Discharge Port: High-Chromium Alloy Cr30

Main functions of the centrifuge

1) Handle solid control processes

2) Drill mud clarification

3) Spent water based mud clarification

4) Barite recovery, etc

Why so much big discount available? Brand new or used centrifuge?

It is exactly brand new centrifuge. With top material choosing, SS316L for centrifuge, SKF original bearing; SOG oil seal; EXdⅡBT4, IP 65 standard for control panel.

In order to focus on common size centrifuge GNLW363 and big bowl centrifuge GNLW553, shorten the leading time of the 2 most hot sale model, the manufacturing GN Solids Control decided to stop the medium model GNLW454, and good price for sale the storage.

The model has been stopped making. How customer get spare parts and after sales service?

It is absolutely no need worry about spare parts and after sales service. GN can offer spare parts at most 30 days after customer order. After sales service and guarantee exactly the same with other model.

There are many customer have interest on the for sale centrifuge, the chance should belongs to people come first. No hesitate, contact GN now.

GNLW454 is the medium size centrifuge. GN hot sale model is common size GNLW363, it is equivalent to Derrick DE-1000 and Swaco 518. For big bowl, GN can offer GNLW553. You can contact GN group or more information of GN Centrifuge.



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