There are different types of centrifuge with different speed for drilling fluids processing. For a more viable application on centrifuges for different kinds of treating of drilling fluids, many customers choose variable frequency drive (VFD) centrifuge decanter.

But always, they are wondering about how to choose the right speed for a certain application for the best performance. Actually, it is G force who effect the performance of separation. We choose the suitable speed for the right G force.

Below, we take example of a GNLW363VFD centrifuge. It is the equivalent model for Swaco 518 and Derrick DE-1000 centrifuge for drilling fluids processing.

Swaco 518 Equivalent Model Decanter Centrifuge

Swaco 518 Equivalent Model Decanter Centrifuge

There mainly 3 functions for drilling fluids processing:

1) Barite recovery: It usually uses middle speed centrifuge. It is the first separate with decanter centrifuge in the drilling fluids purification. Lower G force around 1000 usually required. Per difference of mud, users can adjust speed to change G force in small scope. For GNLW363VFD centrifuge, users can adjust speed around 2200rpm.  

2) High Gravity Solids (HGS) with lower speed: usually, around 1200G. With GNLW363VFD centrifuge, users adjust speed around 2500rpm

3) Low Gravity Solids (LGS) with high speed: G force around 2000G. Like fine solids separation, it needs higher speed.  With GNLW363VFD centrifuge, users adjust speed around 3200rpm

GNLW363VFD centrifuge is the hottest model from China top manufacturer for Solids Control and Drilling Waste management, Unlike Derrick and Swaco centrifuge, GN centrifuge design is also available for mechanical changing of centrifuge speed. For some professional customer with tighter budge, but like top quality, GN Solids Control company will offer 3 different types of pulley for 3 different speeds.

For more information on drilling fluids decanter centrifuge, you can contact with GN Group for solution.   



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