Slurry pump is widely used in oil&gas drilling work, mining programs and so on. Variable Frequency Drives Slurry Pumps is one kind of slurry pump, and main body is the same with other slurry pumps. And it usually not used so widely as usual ones.slurry pump

Any way if you need to choose a right Variable Frequency Drives Slurry Pumps, firstly choose the right pump, then the motor, then maybe control panel is needed.

GN Solids Control supply kinds of slurry pumps for all kinds of application, especially in oil and gas drilling. If you want to get the right model from us, usually you must supply these informations:

1.the productivity (flow) you required;

2. the lift you required, or the envioment in your work site, is there any difference in height of the related equipments and others (mud pits for example).

3. Do you need horizontal or vertical pumps?

4. Importantly do not forget to what kind of material you are pumping, if it contains something like H2SO4 or other corrosive materials.

There are three kinds of drilling fluid, oil based fluids (OBF’s), synthetic based fluids (SBF’s), water based fluids (WBF’s). Every coin have two sides, three ways have there own advantages and disadvantages, but for water based fluids, one important factor is: enviomental friendly, while not delivering optimal performance in more challenging drilling conditions.

Enviomental drilling fluid is water based fluid, no need any biologichal process. Just screening, hydrocycling, decanting, and so on, only mechinical separation.

As an ISO & API Certified company specilize in mud circulation system.Following GN Solids Control introduction of mud circulation systems.
Function of Mud Circulation System
A fluid called mud circulates through the drilling bit as it cuts through rock. The fluid lubricates the bit, removes rock cuttings, stabilizes the wall around the hole, and controls the pressure in the wellbore. The mud is a suspension of chemicals and minerals, such as bentonite clay in water or sometimes oil.

Mud Circulation System

Mud Circulation System

Processing of Mud Circulation System
Workers blend the mixture in the mud-mixing shack. The mud pumps push the fluid up the standpipe and into the drill pipe through the kelly, or through fittings in a top drive mechanism. After passing through the drill bit, the mud and cuttings circulate back to the surface through the space outside the pipe, known as the annulus, and into the return line.

The shale shaker, a vibrating screen, then separates the cuttings from the mud. The cuttings flow into lined pits or tanks, while the drilling mud flows through the de-silter and is recirculated. More fluid is added through the mixer as the drilling progresses to greater depths. When drilling is completed, the remaining fluid is trucked away for disposal or reuse at another site.

More info. about GN mud Circulation System

Decanter centrifuge is one part of the solids control system, and sometimes it is used separately, for diamond drilling works, some coring works in mining industry, other drilling works with small debries.

As we know, in solids control system for oil&gas drilling, after the third phase, the desilter, debries bigger than 30 (15-47) microns are cleared out.

Once a client told us that they use mi swaco 414 with tank as a centrifuge system for their diamond drilling, we find we producing the equivalent one, LW220. So after proved with our experenced engineer, then re-researched by the cooperation universities, we manufactured our own centrifuge system for diamond drilling. LW220 with mud tank. Rugged design, compact body, efficient solution.

The differential gear type is mechanical differential, and the treating capactity is ≤ 150lpm, which means the maximun capacity is 150lpm, and you even can use this to handal the drilling mud with about 20lpm.  Other specific is as shown below:

Drum diameter: 220mmlw 220 centrifuge

Rotary speed:1500~4800rpm (Variable Speed)

Extruder rate L/D: 4.3

Separation factor: 2800G

Motor power(explosion proof):main power:11kw;Assistant motor: 5.5kw

Dimension :2020×1080×755mm

Weight :1000kg;

Operation period:continuously 24hours

If you are interested in this centrifuge system, or centrifuge itself, contact GN Solids Control.

A client need high speed polishing centrifuge for drilling waste management.And also inquired us for Barite Recovery decanting centrifuge.
-Fully hydraulic driven centrifuge, with a 14” OD Contour Cylinder bowl x 57” length. Capable to run at minimum

High Speed Polishing Centrifuge

High Speed Polishing Centrifuge

from 0to 3000 rpm without changing any pulley. Driven by explosion proof electric motor. Completed with a variable speed positive displacement supply pump, automatic safety shutdown if under excessive torque, scroll and bowl anti-plugging device, and emergency stop for safe operation
-G-Force at max speed : 2,100 G’s
-Capable to process 120 GPM at 10.00 PPG fluid

GN High Speed Polishing Centrifuge can be rum from 0 to 3200 RPM.But our centrifuge is not hydraulic driven polishing centrifge.

GN design and manufacture Variable high speed decanter centrifuge for oilfield drilling fluids,and other decanting centrifuge for drilling mud separation.

high speed decanter centrifuge

high speed decanter centrifuge

1.General information Variable high speed decanter centrifuge
With the improvement of petroleum drilling technology and environmental protection awareness, higher requirements are put forward to the petroleum drilling solid-control system, mainly embodies in the following three aspects:
a)    Oil gas exploration developer wish to use more clean mud drilling to protect the oil gas layer so as to achieve higher oil gas production.
b)    The using of turbo screw drilling technology put forward higher requirements on the mud cleanness.
c)     More attention will be paid to the disused mud treatment, while treat the disused mud is mainly to separate solid phase from liquid phase as much as possible.
Medium speed centrifuge can separate solid phase granule with the diameter of 5~7μm in low-viscosity mud, as to the thinner granule and high-viscosity drilling mud or the granule in oil based mud, it can not separate them well. So, medium speed centrifuge can hardly meet the new requirements of solid-control system, deploying high speed centrifuge is the development trend in future.

GN Variable high speed decanter centrifuge  produced by our company can better meet the above requirements.

To share knowledge about drilling mud equipments-GN Solids Control Team plan to start a blog about drilling mud equipments technology.

The articles in this blog will be got from GN Solids Control sales,technology,production,service,procurement department etc.And more over,GN solids Contro team will keep collecting valuable info about drilling mud equiments technology,solids control knowledge and share with our customers.