Here is a simple list of drilling equipment suppliers in Malaysia. While GN Solids Control only supply solids control equipment and solids control system to Malaysia. A lot of companies in Malaysia now know GN Solids Control.

Korekan Instantflow Sdn Bhd

Address:Taman Segar, No. 53 Jalan Manis 3, 56100, Kuala Lumpur

drilling equipment from GN Solids Control

Imextco (M) Sdn Bhd

Address: 67-3 Kepong Entrepreneurs Park, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 1, 52100, kuala lumpur


Ming Say Marketing Sdn Bhd

Address: 46 Jalan Emas Sd 5/1A Sri Damansara Kepong 57100 Kuala Lumpur



Address: Menara MBF No. 22Suite 15.03, 15th Floor, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 050250
Drilco Technologies (M) Sdn BhdNo. 33-1 Jalan 2/115C, Taman Kuchai Jaya, 58200, Kuala Lumpur


Federal Drillers Sdn Bhd

Address: 4th floor, 1 jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur

Offshore drilling is becoming mutual, and focus more on environment and health, to keep the world better and more beautiful. So drilling fluid circulation are more and more important than before.

For offshore drilling, there are some big players in the world. Aker Solutions’ wholly-owned subsidiary STEP Offshore has delivered a drilling fluid and well control system to Rolls-Royce Marine, which will be used on the Yme field in the North Sea. The Aker Solutions unit made a fast and efficient delivery of an ultra compact skid mounted system for drilling fluid circulation and well control to the customer.

Although, GN Solids Control also can supply similar drilling fluid circulation equipments for offshore drilling site.  As an API & ISO certificated company, GN Solids Control focus on solid liquid circulation system (equipment) manufacturing, and GN can supply one stop solution for drilling rigs, or a certain offshore drilling site.

For the offshore drilling fluid circulation, the equipment usually contains:

BEM Shale Shaker

1. Shale Shaker, now GN Solids Control invent their own patent balanced elliptical motion (BEM) shale shaker

2. Mud Cleaner, with BEM shaker, or linear motion shaker, and high quality hydrocyclones, (stainless clamp and valve).

3. Mud Agitator, GN can supply high efficient agitator for drilling site.

4. Decanter Centrifuge, top advanced technology.

5. All other related equipment.

Also,  products of GN Solids Control got highly appreciate by the customer.



This message is from one of them:

We run our gn 500gpm mud recycler one month ago on a job,and everybody was really happy.It is a real good system.

As a leader of solid liquid separation plants in China, GN Solids Control now march to piling field, GN50 is the first desanding plants for piling, and it will be exported to Pakistan. GN also can supply GN 100 (treating capacity 100 cbm), or other customized desanding plants.

piling desanding plant

Desanding plants are also a very important part of liquid solid separation, and GN 50 can also applicant in other fields, like mining industry, well drilling, deep drilling and so on.

The main components of all desanding plants are: Coarse screen for intercepting stones larger than 5 mm;  Storage tank of the coarse screen;  Cyclone with cyclone feeder pump for removing fine particles from the suspension; Dewatering screens for abstracting further water from the solids dis-charged by the cyclone. GN 50 use high efficiency linear motion shale shaker, with OLI brand motor, high quality centrifugal pump.

Submersible mud agitator is also used widely in oil & gas drilling, for the drilling work is usually complicated. To prevent

submersible mud agitator

sedimentation, that is why we use mud agitator, but the suspend type is not usually suitable for all kinds of condition.

Drilling mud is composed of extremely small particles and has a thick consistency. Its settling velocity is therefore low, and sediment should not be a problem if the contents in a tank can be kept in motion. But, due to the combination of the irregular shape of tanks and the inefficiency of conventional mixing systems, sediment build-up is a timeconsuming and expensive problem.

Features and Advantages:

•   No sedimentation – the agitator suspends the solids, counteracting the mud’s tendency to stratify.

•   Full tank volumes – by preventing sedimenta-tion, the full volume of a tank will always be available, allowing for prolonged drilling opera-tions.

•   No manual clean-out – ends time-consuming and expensive manual or mechanical removal of sediment.

•   Problem-free pumping – with well-mixed drill-ing mud, problems are avoided when pumping the mud.

•   Monitoring and control – we supply monitoring devices, for full operator control.

•   Faster batch productivity – the combination of high turbulence and high flow results in fast batch turnover.


Submersible, then it must be used in tanks, or something alike. Mud tanks in supply ships, drilling rigs, mud plants.

If you need more info., Contact GN.

200-300 gpm mud system is widely used in HDD, underground work, or trenchless work sites. Like all the brands you know, GN Solids Control can supply all kinds of mud system.

Features and benefits of GN 300 gpm mud system:

Compact and ease of mobilization.mud system

New and advanced BEM shaker, designed by GN and Southwest Petroleum University

Top qulity materials

API manufacturing and quality control process

User freindly design

GN 300 gpm mud system including:

One 6000mm×2300mm×1550mm mud tank

One BEM (balanced elliptical motion)852 Shale Shaker + Hydrocyclones, all cones are 100% PU, and with stainless steel ball vavle and clamp, also customized.

One SB5x4 centrifugal pump (30hp, 22kw) with machenique seal

One JBQ 5.5 mud agitator,

One SLH150-35 Jet Mud Mixer, one SB5*4 pump including,

All necessary plumbing for above equipment

Electrical System to include receptacle, main braker florescent rig lights, wire, conduit, junction boxes, electrical motors and single panel control box

Professional at solids liquids separation, now GN road to the piling field. In Desander for Piling construction, we introduce the piling piling desanderslurry recycle and the process of the piling slurry treatment. Now we are going to talk about the application and the desander for piling in the piling construction system.

Piling Introduction

Foundations relying on driven piles often have groups of piles connected by a pile cap (a large concrete block into which the heads of the piles are embedded) to distribute loads which are larger than one pile can bear. Pile caps and isolated piles are typically connected with grade beams to tie the foundation elements together;

The main function of the mud system of ZJ50 drilling rig is: recycle, clean the drilling fluids with debris from the wellhead. this system can eliminate sands less than 7μm in size, and supply drilling rigs with satisfied drilling fluids.

1. The installation

Level off the work site, set a good base. As show as figure 1 : install and fix GNPS70-3S shale shaker & ZQJ250 × 3 / 100 × 16 mudzj 50 mud system cleaner and jet mud mixer SLH150-50. connect all manifolds ,walkways, guardrails ,ladders, etc.. Ensure all parts flexible and on the good site. Connect inlet manifolds as showed. Connect all the solids control equipment control circuit connectors.

2. Working process of the recycling system

Firstly, start up the shaker box locking device of GNPS70-3S shale shaker & ZQJ250×2/100×16 mud cleaner (as to its operation please refer to the related user manual), and have a trying operation. And ensure all valves not been blocked . The butterfly vavles should be shut up while connecting the mud cleaner pipes. Send drilling fluids to the mud cleaner while bigger capacity needed.

Then, start up GNPS70-3 shale shaker & ZQJ250×2/100×16 mud cleaner.

Driller mud system and GN Solids Control both are very famous drilling equipments company. Here I am going to compare these two companies.drillers mud system llc
Drillers Mud Systems, LLC offers a variety of mud pumps, mud mixing/ recycling systems, spare parts and tooling designed to fit in Horizontal Directional Drilling or Oilfield applications. It can supply all of HDD or drilling needs.

GN Solids Control (Tangshan Guanneng Machinery Co.Ltd) is a company focus on solid liquid separation. We can supply all kinds of solids control equipments for oil & gas drilling, mud recycling system for HDD.
GN Solids Control in CIPPE 2010

Slurry pump is widely used in oil&gas drilling work, mining programs and so on. Variable Frequency Drives Slurry Pumps is one kind of slurry pump, and main body is the same with other slurry pumps. And it usually not used so widely as usual ones.slurry pump

Any way if you need to choose a right Variable Frequency Drives Slurry Pumps, firstly choose the right pump, then the motor, then maybe control panel is needed.

GN Solids Control supply kinds of slurry pumps for all kinds of application, especially in oil and gas drilling. If you want to get the right model from us, usually you must supply these informations:

1.the productivity (flow) you required;

2. the lift you required, or the envioment in your work site, is there any difference in height of the related equipments and others (mud pits for example).

3. Do you need horizontal or vertical pumps?

4. Importantly do not forget to what kind of material you are pumping, if it contains something like H2SO4 or other corrosive materials.

There are three kinds of drilling fluid, oil based fluids (OBF’s), synthetic based fluids (SBF’s), water based fluids (WBF’s). Every coin have two sides, three ways have there own advantages and disadvantages, but for water based fluids, one important factor is: enviomental friendly, while not delivering optimal performance in more challenging drilling conditions.

Enviomental drilling fluid is water based fluid, no need any biologichal process. Just screening, hydrocycling, decanting, and so on, only mechinical separation.