GN just finished an order for a customer from Russia who required the drilling cuttings dewatering decanter centrifuge and some cuttings transferring equipment.

2015.1.3 High Speed Centrifuge (1)

GN High Speed Centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge is common seen and widely used equipment in the drilling industry to remove the solids from the drilling fluids. While the centrifuge unit involved in this order GN’s most popular model GNLW 363 series. The bowl diameter of the centrifuge is 14 inch. For this model, GN could provide 2 speeds of 2670 RPM and 3200 RPM by changing the belt pulley. For different speed, the unit could be used for different processing. For barite recovery, the low speed 2670 would be suggested. While for ultra find solids separation or dewatering project, a high speed would be preferred.
GN provides 2 options to customer for changing the speed of the decanter centrifuge. As mentioned above, one way is to adjust the speed by changing the belt pulley, once the belt pulley fixed, the speed are fixed. Another better solution is to use a VFD model, GN’s design of PLC variable frequency drive decanter centrifuge GNLW363- VFD could realize the typical working speed various from 0 to 3200RPM which could meet various processing demand.

2015.1.3 High Speed Centrifuge (2)

GN Screw Conveyor

Attached with the decant centrifuge, the customer also required the transferring equipment. What GN provided for this order is the Screw conveyor which is also called auger. The auger is widely used transferring equipment in the job site for drilling and some other industry projects. GN’s auger is classified as 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch for screwy diameter. According to customer actual working condition, GN could design the auger with fully power could meet the customer requirement for transferring the cuttings with certain slant degree. The motor installation type has horizontal and vertical type for option.
GN can also provide the vertical cuttings dryer which is also critical equipment in the drilling waste cuttings management projects. For more information, welcome contact with GN Solids Control.