Still feel difficult to find a good solution to dispose the drilling waste cuttings? GN solids control now has developed the complete treating system for to drying the drilling cuttings and recover the drilling liquid stick on the cuttings maximally.

As per the market feedback and customer’s requirements, GN has independently designed 2 series waste cuttings management system with the Model No. of GNCM-40A and GNCM-40B.

GN Drilling Waste Cuttings Drying System

Waste Cuttings Dryer System

The Configuration of GN Drilling Waste Cuttings Drying System

First Stage separation: GN’s drilling waste cuttings drying system mainly includes 2 modules, in which the first module is the vertical cuttings dryer system. The cuttings dryer model of GNCD930 is designed with fixed speed and variable speed. The cuttings with size larger than 250 microns could be removed by the screen located inside the dryer bowl. By using the material of stainless steel, the screen would have better features of anti-corrosion. With the air knife and flushing system on the cover of the dryer, the dryer could consistently for longer time without blocking on the screen. The super high speed of 1200RPM could produce the G-force of 750. If application for the oil based drilling cuttings, the oil content could be reduced down to 3-5 percent.

Second Stage Separation: The fluid going through the screen opening of the cutting dryer would be fed into the high speed decanter centrifuge series of GNLW363CG with working RPM of 3200. Here, the solids down to 2 microns could be separated out.

In this system, both the cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge have fixed speed and variable speed models for option which could meet the customer’s request for different drilling mud conditions. GN’s VFD control panel is PLC smart design with visual and touchable screen for easier operation.

For this system, we also provide the feeding pump system. And as per customer’s option, GN could also provide the cuttings delivery system screw conveyor for feeding and discharge.

The customer could choose to locate the decanter centrifuge on the telescopic frame or catching tank. That is also the difference between the model of GNCM40-A and GNCM-40B. The GNCM-40A is to put the centrifuge on the telescopic frame with the height adjustable, the discharged clean liquid would pipeline manifold guiding to other catching tank. While the GNCM-40B is self with the catching tank beneath the decanter centrifuge, the liquid could be stored in the catching tank and wait for pumped to reuse.

GN drilling waste cuttings drying system is an excellent solution to make the cuttings dry so as suitable for transportation. And it maximally recovers the drilling liquid to reduce the drilling cost.