Lots of GN’s solids control equipment has been used in Turkey project and the feedback is good. This time, GN again got order for 2 sets solid control equipment for 1000HP rig from Turkey customer.

2014.7.26 gn shale shaker and mud cleaner to Turkey (2)

The ordered equipment in this project are 2 units GNZS594 shale shaker and 1 unit GNZJ594-2S12N mud cleaner for each rig. Total 4 units shale shaker and 2 mud cleaner. The shale shaker is designed 4 screens panel that would be interchangeable with Mongoose screen.
Worth to mention is that the customer is manufacturing the mud tank in Turkey and uses our equipment. To make sure the better matching of GN equipment and the mud tank, GN would provide the drawing and technical support to the customer. GN Solids Control will also dispatch engineer to customer site for installation instruction and training when the time of assembling the mud recycling system.

2014.7.26 gn shale shaker and mud cleaner to Turkey (1)

GN Solids Control would like very much to cooperation the customers who could fabricate the mud tank by themselves and get GN’s equipment. This cooperation method would greatly reduce the cost of delivery on large size mud tank and make sure prompt delivery of order equipments.