July 24 2010

Another 2 Sets XJ550 HP Petroleum Workover Drilling rig solids control mud system are finished within 40 days ready for delivery to Kazakhstan.These 2 mud system is capable to work for temperature -30℃ to 55℃,there are heating pipelines for hot stream circulation around the mud tanks.GN also offered customized design according to client's requirement for lower height of the Shaker.GN install the Shaker directly to the mud tank withough Skid.

petroleum solids conrol system


XJ550 HP Workover Rig Mud System General Specs.
1)Treating Capacity up to 160m3/h.(700GPM)
2)Mud Tank Capacity:146m3(890BBL)
3)Effective Mud Capacity:105m3(660BBL)
4)Mud Tank Dimensions:10500mm L×2300mm W ×1500mm H


shale shaker tankworkover drilling rig mud system

XJ550 HP Workover Rig Solids Control Equipment, including shale shaker, desander, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud gun, sand pump, mud tank and so on.
There are three mud tanks, one is combined with two shale shakers and desander, used to separate main solids from the drilling mud. Then the mud is delivered to the second tank.On the top of second mud tank is decanter centrifuge and mud agitators, decanter centrifuge is the last phase of solids control, and the clean mud is strored to the next circulation. Another mud tank is used with jet mud mixer.