November 30 2018

Low Temperature Solids Control Equipment Sold to Uzbekistan for Cold Weather

GN completed the fabrication of one batch solids control equipment for client from Uzbekistan. Now these equipment are in the final factory inspection and test running process, and then the equipment will be shipped out to work in the cold weather in Uzbekistan. Let us what the client ordered.

Shale shaker and mud cleaner unit are the first stage and second stage separation equipment in solids control system. It is know that the used drilling fluid is back from the down well with plenty of drilling cutting. The shale shaker is used to remove the coarse size cuttings in the drilling fluid. The subsequent equipment mud cleaner is to separate finer size cuttings. Shale shaker in the only type solids control equipment that to separate the cutting by size of the cuttings and opening on wire mesh screen. The mud cleaner is using centrifugal working principle to separate solid and liquid.

November 20 2018

1500HP Drilling Rig Solids Control System Package for India Client

These couple days, GN 1500HP drilling rig solids control system is under final assembling and test running procedure, and then will be ready for delivery. With more than ten years’ experience, GN is able to provide the solids control system per customers’ specified requirements and also give constructive suggestion.

Normally, a complete drilling rig solids control system is consisting of several tanks, each tank would be installed with different equipment, some are for mud recycling, while the others for mud mixing. This is not the first time for this India client order from GN Solids Control. This time, the client ordered the poor boy degasser GNZYQ1000 and mud recycling tank module to replace their existing system.

2018.11.16 Thailand Exhibition Future Energy Asia 2018
November 16 2018

GN Solids will exhibit at Future Energy Asia 2018 in Thailand

GN is going to show at the Future Energy Asia next month, welcome to GN booth for business negotiation. Future Energy Asia is a global annual exhibition and conference held in Bangkok, Thailand that is dedicated to advancing future energy solutions for the region. Future Energy Asia promises to bring together the complete energy value chain to foster a secure, affordable and low-carbon energy mix across Asia.

Please make a record on below information to find GN Solids Control there easily. 

Exhibition Name: Future Energy Asia 2018Exhibition Location: BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. Detailed address as 88 Bangna-Trad Road (Km.1), Bangna Tai, Bang Na, BangkokExhibition Time:12–14 DECEMBER 2018GN Booth No.: D47

November 09 2018

Two Sets 500GPM Trenchless Mud Recycler for HDD Company in India

Trenchless mud recycler is one of GN main separation solutions with compact structure and small footprint. Being a country with very fast developing in infrastructure, India HDD market is really prosperous. These HDD service companies owns rigs various from 1 to several units.

Normally each rig needs to be equipped with one set mud recycler with corresponding treating capacity. GN has ever exports many sets HDD mud recycling system to India. Below link is showing one set mud recycling system shipped to India couple months ago.

2018.10.22 Mud Recycling Unit
October 23 2018

HDD Mud Recycling and Dewatering Unit for Sinopec

HDD mud recycling system is one of GN main separation solution for no-dig drilling mud recycling and cleaning. This week, GN finished the fabrication of one set HDD mud recycling system for Sinopec. Now the system is in GN assembling workshop waiting for delivery. 

This HDD mud recycling system is a high configuration including all 4 stages separation equipment. Below is the list of this system. 1. Shale shaker GNZS703F is the first stage separation equipment to remove the coarse solids. GNZS03F is the latest version shale shaker in GN production line. This model shale shaker is with 3 panel composite frame shaker screen that is fastened by using ratchet spanner, easily and fast.