September 10 2023

In recent years, GN Solids Control has experienced remarkable growth, establishing itself as a leading provider of solids and liquid separation equipment in the global market. Our extensive reach extends to more than 75 countries and regions, where we have consistently delivered high-quality solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. This week, we are pleased to announce the successful completion of manufacturing for a state-of-the-art HDD mud recycling system destined for a valued customer in the Middle East.

Mud System 2023.09.07

The HDD mud recycling system we have meticulously designed and manufactured comprises several key components that work seamlessly together to ensure optimal performance. At its core, this system features a compact mud tank, equipped with two powerful mud agitators. These agitators play a crucial role in preventing the settling of drilling mud, thereby maintaining its desired properties and consistency throughout the drilling operation.

Shale Shaker 2023.09.07
In the initial phase of the mud recycling process, we have integrated a highly efficient shale shaker, known as the GNZS594. This four-panel shale shaker is specifically engineered to remove larger particles from the HDD mud, contributing to the overall cleanliness and effectiveness of the system. Its robust design and precise screening capabilities make it an indispensable asset in the solids control process.

Mud Cleaner 2023.09.07
Additionally, our system incorporates the GNZJ594-3S16N mud cleaner, which further enhances the separation efficiency. This four-panel shaker is uniquely configured with three sets of 10-inch desander cyclones and an impressive 16 sets of 4-inch desilter cyclones. These cyclones are responsible for finer particle removal, ensuring that the processed mud meets the stringent quality standards required for successful drilling operations.

Solids Control System 2023.09.07
To facilitate the circulation of mud and maintain the necessary pressure, two high-performance centrifugal pumps, designated as GNSB5x4C-13J, are integrated into the system as feeding pumps for the cyclones. These pumps are engineered to deliver the required flow rates and pressures consistently, supporting the continuous operation of the mud recycling system.
In summary, GN Solids Control takes pride in delivering cutting-edge HDD mud recycling solutions to our esteemed clients in the Middle East and beyond. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering, as we continue to lead the industry in providing efficient and reliable solids and liquid separation equipment to meet the evolving demands of the global drilling sector.