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January 29 2019

GN 11th Annual Celebration and Convention for 2018

On January 28th, 2019, GN Solids Control held the 11th annual celebration and convention in Chaobai River Sheraton Hotel. The topic of this annual conference is ‘Flying dreams in splendid time’.

Part 1: Video at Prelude

The video showed that GN products have served in 72 countries and regions. Excellent quality and professional services were praised by clients from home and abroad. And the video showed GN core team with various elegant demeanour.

Part 2: General Manager Speech

Mr. Pengxian Zhou, the General Manager from GN Solids Control delivered a speech at the annual meeting. This speech reviews the operation of GN Solids in 2018, and looks forward to its development plan in 2019. The following is the main content of Mr Zhou's speech:

January 27 2019

GN Solids Control Centrifuge and Shale Shaker for India Company

GN Solids Control finished the order of one batch decanter centrifuge and shale shaker for client from India, and then the equipment is ready for shipment. The decanter centrifuge and shale shaker are two of critical equipment in the drilling mud recycling system. The shaker removes the coarse cuttings by screen with different mesh size and the decanter separate the fine solids by centrifugal force.

GN is able to provide thedecanter centrifuge by single equipment and package system. In the drilling mud cleaning system, the decanter centrifuge is always located on the mud tank or supported by a frame skid to let the discharged liquid easily flow back into the mud system. At the very beginning of the drilling procedure, decanter centrifuge will not be needed. When the fine solids built up to affect the property of the drilling mud, the decanter centrifuge will be turned on.

January 21 2019

GN Decanter Centrifuge for Aluminum Hydroxide Slurry Dewatering

Many chemical products manufacturers need decanter centrifuge to dewater the slurry in their production processing. One client coming from the chemical industry searched and found GN decanter centrifuge can do the slurry dewatering job for concentration.

The client is going to have the Aluminum Hydroxide slurry concentrated from 8% to 10 % to 60% to 80% by removing the water. The slurry is composed from water, fine aluminum hydroxide particles and little bit sodium nitrate. Client came to GN factory and watched the demo, GN dewatering decanter centrifuge performance satisfied client. For complete working video on GN decanter, please click below link.

January 18 2019

GN will Show at PetroTech 2019 this February in India

In past year, some drilling companies coming from India contacted with GN Solids Control for inquiry and successfully made deal with GN. In order to get more feedback from these clients and show more about GN to India market, GN is going to show at PetroTech-2019 in coming February.

Below information could help visitors to GN boothShow Date: Feb. 10th ~12th, 2019 Address: India Exposition Mart Limited, Greater Noida, Delhi, India Booth No.: C 4Products: shale shaker, shaker screen, centrifugal pump, vacuum pump

January 17 2019

GN Separation and Conveying Equipment Company New Website Now Online

GN Separation and Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the GN Solids Control divisions, and the main business is industrial separation and conveying solutions. To offer professional support and make client clear what GN Separation doing, GN just released the new official website.

Welcome to Visit:

GN Separation Product Lines:1. GN Decanter centrifuge for various applications in waste water treatment, mining tail sludge dewatering, chemical slurry concentration and edible oil extraction. 2. GN Conveying Equipment Screw Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, and Belt Conveyor. The conveying equipment could be used to transfer the solids discharged from GN separation decanter centrifuge and other industries for coarse solids, powder, bulk materials conveying.