Global Exhibition

March 30 2015

CIPPE oil show is closed until 28th, March. During the 3 days exhibition, there are many domestic customers and international customers showing keen interest in GN Solids Control Equipment, especially for decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryerGN Solids Control is China solids control leading brand. With high quality equipment, upgrading technical patents, timely response for requirements, reliable service for after sales, GN Solids Control is becoming more and more popular in this field and get many awards from professional solids control service companies, mud service companies and also drilling contractors.


Traditional solids control equipment in CIPPE oil show: Shale Shaker & Mud Cleaner

Shale shaker: GN brings the latest model shale shaker to the show. The GNZS594E-HB shaker is with 4 panel shaker screen which is replacement for Swaco Mongoose shaker screen. The client can source the screen locally for some urgent projects.
Mud cleaner: GN mud cleaner is combination of GNZS594 shaker & desander cones & desilter cones. This can be used for 2nd phase separation and 3rd phase separation solids control system. GNZS594 shaker is with 4pcs shaker screen which is replacement for Swaco Mongoose screen, the treating capacity can reach to 1000gpm.

New Developped Small Vertical Cuttings Dryer: GNCD730A

Small Cuttings Dryer

Economic mud recycling system for small drill rigs: GNMS-200D / GNMS-500D / GNMS-1000D

For some small drilling rigs, like bored pile project, micro TBM Project, Trenchless HDD Project, diamond drilling ,gold drilling rig, water drilling etc. the economic mud recycling system is generally enough for use, lower cost, good for use and environmental friendly.

The below picture is compact GNMS-500D mud system with 500gpm. The equipment including:
1 X Mud Cleaner with double deck shaker & 1 desander cone
1 X Centrifugal pump for feeding desander cone
1 X Compact mud tank
1 X accessories, including cables, control panel, hose, connections, monkey ladders etc.

economic mud system

All the member of decanter centrifuge family: GNLW223G, GNLW452, GNLW363CG-VFD, GNLW553C-VFD

GNLW223G, baby centrifuge which is popular for small drilling rigs, like diamond drilling or mining project, the treating capacity of this centrifuge is smaller, about 3-6m3/h.
GNLW452, single motor centrifuge which is professional for barite recovery or bigger particles separation.
GNLW363CG-VFD, the best seller centrifuge, this centrifuge is equivalent to Derrick DE1000 / Swaco 518 / NOV Brandt HS3400. The high speed & variable speed centrifuge can be used both for barite recovery and mud weight cuttings.
GNLW553C-VFD, the big bowl centrifuge with treating capacity of 90m3/h. The bowl size is 22inch in diameter and 71inch in length.This can be used for fast cutting of mud weight.

CIPPE Centrifuges

Drilling cuttings management system

We also take one complete sets Drilling cuttings management system to the oil show. The system including one vertical cuttings dryer, one high speed centrifuge, two screw pumps and two positive pressurized control panel for dryer & centrifuge which make the speed variable. This system is interested by lots of customers as the environmental protection is becoming more and more important in all countries.

drilling cuttings management system